Sean McVay, the Rams head coach and former Redskins offensive coordinator, is in prime position to break Mike Tomlin’s record for most Super Bowl wins by one coach. The Steelers have a chance to take down their division rival at home on Thursday Night Football this week. Let’s see if they can do it.

The Rams Head Coach Sean McVay can break Mike Tomlin’s Super Bowl record if he avenges his 2019 loss. In the 2019 season, McVay is still looking for his first win in the big game. He has a lot of work to do, but he will have a chance to beat Tomlin’s record if he manages to win next year. Read more in detail here: how old was john madden when he won the super bowl.

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay Can Break Mike Tomlin’s Super Bowl Record if He Avenges His 2019 Loss

Sean McVay’s journey to the Super Bowl in 2022 hasn’t been easy. Since taking over as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams in 2017, he has had a lot of success. However, a Super Bowl defeat to the New England Patriots in 2019 humiliated him.

Three years later, McVay and the Rams are back in the big game, hoping to avenge their first-round loss. A victory for the fifth-year head coach would cement his place in NFL history at the cost of his close buddy Mike Tomlin.

Sean McVay has a chance to surpass Mike Tomlin as the youngest Super Bowl head coach.

Rams head coach Sean McVay reacts after clinching Super Bowl berth; Steelers coach Mike Tomlin smiles during a game

Rams head coach Sean McVay reacts after clinching Super Bowl berth; Steelers coach Mike Tomlin smiles during a game The Los Angeles Rams’ Sean McVay celebrates after defeating the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game | Meg Oliphant/Getty Images ; Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers watches the game against the New York Jets. Getty Images/Justin K. Aller

Despite the fact that Sean McVay failed to win his first Super Bowl, he still has a chance to create history against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The head coach of the Los Angeles Rams has a chance to become the youngest coach in NFL history to win a Super Bowl. McVay will be 36 years and 20 days old when the two teams meet on the pitch.

Mike Tomlin, the longtime head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, now owns the record. When the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 in Super Bowl 43, he was six weeks away from turning 37.

Under McVay’s leadership, the Rams have a 55-26 record. During that time, they’ve made the NFL playoffs four times. Sean McVay will add another accomplishment to his burgeoning coaching CV if LA can climb over the hump and win the Lombardi Trophy.

In the 2019 Super Bowl, the Rams’ head coach will try to revenge a defeat.

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In Sean McVay’s second season as head coach, the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl. The squad concluded the regular season with a 13-3 record, which put them in first place in the NFC West.

Los Angeles was awarded the NFC’s No. 2 seed and a first-round bye. In the Divisional Round, McVay’s team handled the Dallas Cowboys with ease. The Rams then defeated the New Orleans Saints in overtime in the NFC Championship Game, 26-23. The victory set up a Super Bowl 43 matchup with the New England Patriots.

The Rams had the second-best offense in the league, averaging 421.1 yards and 32.9 points per game. Bill Belichick and the Patriots defense, on the other hand, suffocated the high-powered team. At halftime, New England was up 3-0, and LA was restricted to only three points in the second half. The 13-3 defeat was a letdown at the conclusion of an otherwise brilliant season.

McVay accepted responsibility for the defeat in an interview with NBC Sports’ Peter King.

“The most important thing to consider is if you’re putting your players in a position to comprehend and embrace the purpose of what we’re trying to accomplish?” That is where I believe I failed. I didn’t feel I did a good enough job putting us in a position to have a response depending on whatever coverage they triggered.”

Sean McVay stated that he and his squad were not as prepared as they should have been going into the game. Expect him to learn from his errors and approach the Super Bowl in 2022 with a new perspective.

McVay thanks Steelers coach Mike Tomlin for his help throughout the years.

#Rams head coach Sean McVay called #Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin not only one of the best leaders in football, but in all of sports. High praise. Wish more people understood how great and valuable Tomlin is.

— Josh Carney (@ByJoshCarney) February 8, 2022

Sean McVay has done a lot as an NFL head coach in such a short time. The Dayton, Ohio native has had his fair share of mentors along the road, as excellent as he’s been.

The Los Angeles Rams coach claimed that he and Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin get along swimmingly.

According to CBS Sports’ Bryan DeArdo, “Mike is one of the most amazing persons I’ve ever encountered.” “He’s been wonderful to me.” I’m really appreciative.”

McVay praises Tomlin and thanks him for his guidance over the last three years.

“I think one of the things I like about Mike is how open he is to share,” McVay continued. “Really put his arm over you and sort of acted as a mentor, answering any questions you could have.”

McVay also said that the Super Bowl-winning coach had “humility” and “excellent presence,” two attributes that a leader should possess.

Sean McVay’s coaching expertise has been profoundly influenced by Mike Tomlin, who opened the door for rookie coaches like him to achieve early success in the NFL.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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The “Sean McVay teams coached” is a record that Sean McVay can break if he avenges his 2019 loss to the Rams. If he does, then it will be 2 consecutive Super Bowl victories for the Rams. Reference: sean mcvay teams coached.

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