The Cleveland Browns recently released their franchise quarterback, adding to his list of problems, including pressure from the fans and a lack of offensive firepower. The team’s latest move has led some sports analysts wondering which NFL team is best for Johnny Manziel. Depending on what happens with Manziel in the coming months, that answer may change drastically.

The “baker mayfield washington football team” is a professional American football team based in Washington, D.C., and they are the most recent NFL franchise to be awarded a franchise tag. They were originally known as the Boston Braves before moving to Washington, D.C., in 1933.

Ranking the Best Trade Destinations for Disgruntled Browns QB

The Cleveland Browns have completed a major blockbuster deal for Deshaun Watson, bringing the Baker Mayfield era to a close. After eliminating the Browns from the running, the former Houston Texans quarterback agreed to be moved to Cleveland soon after.

Watson has now arrived and signed a five-year contract to become the Browns’ future quarterback. Mayfield will be leaving Cleveland as the quarterback market alters substantially.

Which clubs are likely to be interested in Mayfield? There are still a few QB-needy clubs in the NFL, so here are Mayfield’s top options, according by team fit and need.

Carolina Panthers, No. 4

All three quarterbacks, Baker Mayfield, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Matt Ryan, might yet be dealt. Both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are still unrestricted free agents. The Saints, Seahawks, Colts, Panthers, and maybe Falcons all need a quarterback.

The quarterback carousel will continue to spin.

— Michael F. Florio (@MichaelFFlorio) March 19, 2022

The quarterback market isn’t going away anytime soon. Jameis Winston and Jimmy Garoppolo are still on the roster. However, Mayfield is by far the most well-known.

The Panthers would be a surprise, particularly because they got Sam Darnold last year and may feel obligated to give him another chance.

Despite this, the Panthers may be willing to part with a mid-round selection pick for Mayfield. Nobody knows what Mayfield’s market is like, so he may be acquired for a third- or fourth-round selection.

Mayfield’s potential might be unlocked by Matt Rhule. New Panthers offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, on the other side, was not pleased with Baker’s decision to enter the 2018 NFL Draft.

Consider Ben McAdoo’s quarterback rankings going into the draft: Josh Allen is number one. Lamar Jackson is number two. Sam Darnold is number three on the list. Josh Rosen is number four. Baker Mayfield was a favorite of McAdoo’s. McAdoo is an expert on quarterbacks.

— Paul Schwartz (@NYPost_Schwartz) January 18, 2022

So there you have it.

Things have changed, but the Panthers would be better served by selecting a quarterback in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft and having him learn from Darnold before taking over.

Atlanta Falcons, No. 3

There are a lot of moving pieces at this location. The Atlanta Falcons were unable to get Deshaun Watson as a free agent. They’re now attempting to offload Matt Ryan in order to free up some cash.

Mayfield makes sense if Ryan is dealt. The Falcons may still choose a quarterback in the NFL Draft and train him alongside Mayfield.

The worst aspect is that Mayfield wouldn’t be able to pass to any wide receivers. Kyle Pitts is present, but the WR room is mostly empty.

Jarvis Landry visited the Falcons but has yet to sign a contract, so who knows who Mayfield would pass to if he signs with the team. The Falcons could afford to trade a mid-round selection for Mayfield in the hopes that he rediscovers his ability as a No. 1 overall pick.

Indianapolis Colts, No. 2

Browns QB Baker Mayfield is on the move.

Browns QB Baker Mayfield is on the move. Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns | Shelley Lipton/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Baker Mayfield and the Indianapolis Colts. That sounds a little odd.

Nonetheless, it is possible that it will become a reality. The Colts traded Carson Wentz for draft choices but have failed to solve their quarterback situation. Jimmy Garoppolo is still a possibility, but his shoulder injury has clubs wary of signing him just yet.

Mayfield is said to favor the Colts, but it’s possible that he doesn’t care.

Baker Mayfield has informed the Browns that he’d prefer to be traded to the Colts, per sources. Earlier this week, prior to Mayfield’s trade request, the Browns said they’d work with him on a trade. We’ll see if they’ll accommodate such a move to the AFC, though. @TheAthletic

— Jeff Howe (@jeffphowe) March 18, 2022

With Mayfield at quarterback, the Colts would be a better club than they were with Wentz, and the AFC South is up for grabs.

Mayfield would have a slew of weapons at his disposal, including standout running back Jonathan Taylor and skilled wideout Michael Pittman Jr. This helps, and the Colts have a strong defense. The Colts, on the other side, are also interested in Matt Ryan, which tells much about their goals. They may be first on this list if it weren’t for Indy’s chase of Ryan.

Seattle Seahawks, No. 1

I’m told the #Seahawks have discussed exploring acquiring Baker Mayfield at quarterback, per league sources.

— IG: JosinaAnderson (@JosinaAnderson) March 17, 2022

Russell Wilson was traded by the Seattle Seahawks earlier this summer. The Seahawks then entered Watson’s draft and were rejected down by the outstanding quarterback.

In 2022, will the Seahawks feel happy having Drew Lock as their quarterback? Mayfield makes sense in this situation. Mayfield would be coached by college football icon Pete Carroll, and he’d have DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett to pass to, which is a far better bunch than he had in Cleveland, particularly after Odell Beckham Jr. departed town.

After receiving a slew of draft selections in the Wilson deal, the Seahawks have the necessary assets to win the bidding. This may be the greatest option for Mayfield out of the four, but it seems like he wants to play for the Indianapolis Colts.

The Seahawks, on the other hand, are in the driver’s seat for Mayfield if the Colts get Ryan.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns’ 2018 NFL Draft Class Regraded

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