Lamar Jackson was a standout athlete in high school, college and even the NFL. However, he has been unable to take that success into his professional career as a quarterback with the Ravens. When former Baltimore Raven Ed Reed came across Lamar’s story, he offered him 11 rules that could help prevent future disappointments from ruining any chance of becoming an impact player on the field.

The “ed reed” is a former NFL safety. He played for the Baltimore Ravens, and was known as one of the best safeties in the league. In his career, he won a Super Bowl, two Pro Bowls, and an AP Defensive Player of the Year award. Recently, ed reed has been giving advice to Lamar Jackson on how to avoid the same fate as Cam Newton.

Lamar Jackson, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, is one of the most exciting players in the NFL today. He’s in a good position to win his second Most Valuable Player Award in three seasons. Ed Reed, a Ravens icon, wants Jackson to be the best quarterback in the NFL for a long time.

Reed believes the Ravens’ young quarterback has to improve one aspect of his game in order to prolong his NFL career.

As a dual-threat quarterback, Lamar Jackson is deadly.

Since his arrival in the NFL, Lamar Jackson has gotten a lot of attention. There was no denying that he was a tremendous athlete coming out of Louisville. However, others, like former NFL executive Bill Polian, believed he couldn’t be a true NFL quarterback.

Jackson has continued to disprove his critics. Despite the complaints, Baltimore’s 2018 first-round pick has grown as a passer year after year.

The ability of the fourth-year quarterback to run makes him even more dangerous. In 53 games with the Ravens, he carried for 3,386 yards and 21 touchdowns. Jackson is unlike any other player in the league, even Michael Vick.

Jackson, too, deserves more praise than he’s gotten. Despite the fact that he’s never played with a particularly talented set of players, the Ravens remain consistent postseason challengers.

Jackson’s performances during the first seven weeks of the 2021 season has shown that he can stand in the pocket and make plays with his arm. Teams, on the other hand, prepare for him every week because of the devastation his legs can inflict.

Ed Reed, a former Ravens Pro Bowler, wants Jackson to absorb less hits.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson in action; Ed Reed on the field at a Ravens game

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson in action; Ed Reed on the field at a Ravens game During the game, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson reacts | Scott Taetsch/Getty Images ; Pro Bowl cornerback Ed Reed watches a Ravens game | Getty Images/Scott Taetsch

Lamar Jackson is one of the NFL’s most divisive athletes. Many people have strong feelings about his game, yet it’s tough to dispute his domination since his debut.

Ed Reed is regarded as one of the finest players in Ravens history. Jackson receives counsel from the former Miami Hurricanes standout on a daily basis as he navigates his fledgling career. Reed encouraged the quarterback to adjust a component of his game if he wanted to stay in the NFL for a long time.

On The Ringer, the Hall of Fame safety remarked, “I provide constructive criticism to Lamar because I want him to play 20 years like Tom Brady.” “I don’t want Lamar to suffer a catastrophic injury like our previous running quarterbacks. Before he becomes like Cam Newton, I want him to win a championship.”

Cam Newton is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 245 pounds. The former MVP’s peak was cut short, according to Reed, due of the punishment he received while rushing the football. “Those strikes impacted Cam, as large as he was. Those blows finally got to him, guy.”

Because people aren’t accustomed to watching Jackson’s style of play, it has gotten him some flak. “For football fans, a quarterback who runs as much as Lamar does is out of the ordinary,” he remarked. “Of course, they’ll criticize that as well.”

Cam Newton’s playing days may be numbered.

Cam Newton, according to Ed Reed, should serve as a warning to future dual-threat quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, and Deshaun Watson.

Newton was picked by the Carolina Panthers in 2011 and spent nine seasons with the organization. However, towards the conclusion of his time in Carolina, his performance began to deteriorate.

As a runner, Newton’s intimidating stature and athletic abilities made him a formidable force. He has carried the football 1,071 times in ten NFL seasons. Newton looked to be suffering from the wear and tear.

“It impacts your throwing,” Reed said of Newton’s hits. “Great quarterbacks don’t take hits,” says one expert.

Throughout his career, Newton absorbed a lot of knocks. His deteriorating performance made it simpler for the Panthers to let him go. He was released by the New England Patriots before the start of the 2021 regular season, and no other clubs have made a move for him.

Even though Lamar Jackson is just in his fourth NFL season, he already has 558 run attempts. Ed Reed isn’t teaching the rookie quarterback that he should never carry the ball. He does, however, need to make more business judgments.

Jackson takes a few shots that aren’t required. He hasn’t been hurt badly yet, but the Ravens want to make sure he can play for a long time.

Lamar Jackson is a must-have for the NFL. It’s preferable if he’s in good health.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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