On April 18, 2017, the Boston Celtics clinched their 17th consecutive appearance in the NBA Playoffs by beating the Philadelphia 76ers. With that victory came a new era for one of basketball’s most beloved franchises. The history-making win was also significant because it signaled to former Celtic Ray Allen what he should do after his career was done:
endorse an already successful team and mentor young players from afar with his wisdom as they fight for championships

The “celtics big 3” is a group of three players that are considered the best in their respective positions. Ray Allen’s “One Special Moment” with the Boston Celtics came after a heartbreaking loss.

Ray Allen's 'One Special Moment' With the Boston Celtics Came After a Heartbreaking Loss

Ray Allen had a successful five-year career with the Boston Celtics. In his first season with the club, he won a title, and two years later, he returned to the NBA Finals.

Despite leaving the Celtics in free agency for the Miami Heat, a choice that enraged some of his teammates and Celtics fans, Allen had numerous memorable experiences in Boston. He recalled “one unique moment” that occurred following a heartbreaking defeat to the Heat in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals this week.

On Kevin Garnett’s big day, Ray Allen was greeted warmly by Boston Celtics fans.


Ray-Allen-Celtics-1024x682 Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics reacts during the first half of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals in the 2012 NBA Playoffs at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 7, 2012. | Getty Images/Jim Rogash .

When Allen arrived to Kevin Garnett’s jersey retirement ceremony on Sunday, March 13, he had no idea what to anticipate from the Celtics fans. Allen departed the Celtics after the Miami Heat eliminated Boston from the playoffs in 2011-12. He turned down a Celtics offer and joined the Heat. In his first year there, he also won a championship.

Allen was chastised by teammates Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Rajon Rondo for quitting the team and joining the enemy. Garnett and Rondo have a long-standing feud. Allen was brave enough to return to Boston and see Garnett’s jersey being hung in the TD Garden rafters.

When he arrived, he had no idea what to anticipate.

On The Cedric Maxwell Podcast this week, he added, “I hated it when I initially came back (as a player with Miami).” “Of course, I was booed.”

This time there was no booing. He received a standing ovation for his performance.

“It was a tremendous experience,” Allen recalled, “not knowing how I was going to be treated walking back into the building like that.” “Not just for myself and those who have followed my career, but also for Celtics fans.”

One of Ray Allen’s finest moments as a Boston Celtics player occurred after a defeat, he claimed.

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Allen valued his time in Boston, despite his decision to leave on his own terms. He admired how enthusiastic the supporters were and how much they cared for their team. Playing in Boston, according to Allen, is not for everyone.

“You simply think about all the great guys that played in Boston before I ever played for the Celtics,” Allen remarked. “It may be frightening for a lot of folks.” You’re thinking to yourself, “How could I possibly live up to the standards of the players before me?” I’ve always chuckled because you can tell who’s made for that market and who isn’t when you watch folks come to Boston, and I have a particular pride in the Patriots, Red Sox, and Bruins.

“When you come here, all anybody asks of you is that you come here and play hard every night and not make excuses.” If you make a mistake, admit it and move on. We’ll accompany you on your journey.”

In Boston, Allen stated he had “one amazing moment” with the crowd. It happened following a Game 6 defeat to LeBron James and the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2012. Boston had won three games in a row to come back from a 2-0 hole. The Celtics had a chance to secure a spot in the NBA Finals, but they fell short. They then went on to lose Game 7 in Miami.

Allen said, “The one wonderful recollection I had is when we lost Game 6 in that building in 2012, and nobody left.” “Everyone rose up and applauded our efforts. They continued to shout ‘let’s go Boston’ because they knew we had a chance to win Game 7.”

Allen said it would be a big honor to have his Celtics jersey retired.

Allen was the one who brought it up. Maxwell was the one who did it.

Maxwell repeatedly questioned Allen whether he would accept the Celtics’ promise to retire his jersey if they ever approached him. Allen appeared hesitant to answer the question at first, but he ultimately did.

“Those jerseys are part of Celtic legend, Celtic culture, and Celtic nation when you go inside that building,” Allen added. “To be able to say that my name, the number I wore, will be up there at some time in my life is one of the greatest accolades I could ever get in this game.”

Despite the fact that Allen only spent five years in Boston, Maxwell thinks his jersey will be retired one day.

Maxwell added, “I can’t wait till I’m here with you when they’re hauling your jersey up to the rafters.”

Allen said, “I appreciate that, Max.” “You’ve always treated me like a big brother. You’ve always been a strong supporter of mine, which I’ve always enjoyed. I appreciate you accompanying me on this trip and ensuring that my name, my career, and all I accomplished here were not forgotten.”

Ray Allen, not Stephen Curry, is the greatest shooter he’s ever seen, according to Ray Allen.

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