If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite games, look no further than the star-studded photo mode. Still not sure how it all works? We’ll help you get started with our beginner’s guide!

Riders Republic is a game where you can unlock and use the Photo Mode. The game is available on both iOS and Android.

Many of us like the Photo Mode function in games. For starters, it enables you to record remarkable moments while playing, which is ideal for a game like Riders Republic. You’ll want to know how to unlock and utilize Photo Mode whether you’re doing plenty of tricks or simply riding in Zen mode.

To open Photo Mode, complete the tutorial.

At the start of your Riders Republic campaign, Photo Mode isn’t accessible. Instead, you’ll be given a rather extensive instruction on mechanics and activities. You’ll compete in a variety of bike and ski races. Wearing a jetpack will even allow you to compete in air races.

From there, you’ll learn the ropes of Riders Republic, including how to execute stunts, score points, and earn stars.

There are seven stages in all, with the last one requiring you to collect 11 stars. You may just look at the optional challenges in races to achieve this goal. Because you just need one star, select something that’s doable (i.e., getting a certain number of points by performing tricks).

You’ll be asked to return to Riders Ridge after you’ve earned 11 stars. Another brief training follows, explaining the many capabilities and matching activities available in this section. Then all of a sudden, you’re done. The sandbox is now completely accessible, and Photo Mode has been opened.

How to Make the Most of Photo Mode


Simply press left on the D-pad to bring up the Tool wheel and choose Photo Mode in Riders Republic. Your game will be halted after you pick Photo Mode, and you may inspect the available tabs.

Your filter, depth of focus (DOF), time of day, the sun’s location in the sky (i.e., casting shadows), weather effects, brightness, and other factors may all be adjusted.

Simply hit the correct button to capture a photo. If you have the option enabled, this picture will be shared with individuals who play on other platforms. If you’re using a PC, you can conceal the UI by using the back/select button. Then, for screenshots, hit your Ubisoft Connect shortcut key (i.e., F12).

Finally, keep in mind that Photo Mode in Riders Republic is quite restricted, especially when compared to other Ubisoft games. You can’t utilize it in the midst of a race since this is a competitive online game. It can only be used when roaming. Oh, and it’s also not accessible if you’re trying out Zen Mode (if you want less clutter in your screenshots, deactivate the HUD in the Accessibility Options page).

That’s all there is to it when it comes to unlocking and using Photo Mode in Riders Republic. Whether you’re riding one of the game’s various motorcycles and popping a wheelie or zooming through an air race in the wingsuit, you can now record your finest feats. Consider visiting our dedicated guides site for additional tips & techniques.

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