Bill Belichick is a notoriously secretive coach who has been known to rub his players the wrong way. He’s also not one of the most popular coaches in the NFL. So when it was revealed that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski planned their own retirement ceremony, it was easy for everyone to see how they could have easily embarrassed him on live television.

Rob Gronkowski, a tight end for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady’s teammate and friend, has quickly confirmed he and Tom Brady executed the perfect plan to embarrass Bill Belichick. Read more in detail here: why did rob gronkowski come out of retirement.

During his last season with the New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski looked nothing like his old self. The beloved tight end went from being the main focus of the passing game to spending more time blocking defensive ends and linebackers, while being regarded as the most unstoppable force in the NFL. While his diving grab near the goal line was the most crucial catch in Super Bowl 53, it looked like a last stroke of brilliance by a player who no longer had the physical ability to overwhelm opponents.

Gronkowski, of course, retired two months after assisting Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in winning their sixth Super Bowl title. Given the amount of wear and tear he took on with the Patriots, it’s hardly surprising that the future Hall of Famer retired at the age of 29.

When Gronk finally bid farewell to New England supporters in March 2019, it was obvious he still had something left in the tank. He’s immediately verified that he and the GOAT completed the ideal plan to humiliate their old employer after taking a year off from football.

How so?

We need to go back to the year 2017. That was a watershed moment for a Patriots team that had achieved unparalleled success due in large part to TB12 and his dependable tight end. Despite all Brady had accomplished over the years, including producing the biggest Super Bowl comeback in history, Belichick reportedly attempted to trade the greatest quarterback of all time before the deadline.

Rather than being able to build a team around Jimmy Garoppolo, the great coach was forced to trade his hand-picked successor to Brady.

But Belichick wasn’t done attempting to get rid of one of the team’s most popular players.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Patriots had a trade with the Detroit Lions set up before of the 2018 NFL Draft that would have netted Gronkowski a first-round selection. But, just as his plot to get rid of Brady failed, Belichick’s attempt to get rid of his star tight end failed as well.

Brady and Gronk eventually reunited with the Patriots for one more season, but both looked unhappy. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Belichick merely offered them more contract incentives rather than more guaranteed money or extensions. Maybe it had something to do with having to cope with his famously demanding manner for such a long time. In any case, the two superstars seemed to be on their way out of Foxborough in one way or another.

Let’s go forward to the spring of 2020.

Brady finally got the freedom he craved after a poor year and took his skills to Tampa. Gronkowski proclaimed himself ready for play again after just a few months, and the Patriots gave him his desire of reconnecting with his longtime QB by selling him to the Buccaneers for a fourth-round selection. By remaining healthy, performing at a high level, and guiding their new club to a Super Bowl victory, the dynamic pair dispelled skeptics.

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady celebrate winning a Super Bowl title together with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady celebrate winning a Super Bowl title together with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The comeback of Rob Gronkowski in Tampa shows that he and Tom Brady executed a flawless strategy to humiliate Bill Belichick. | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There’s little question that Brady and Gronk devised the ideal strategy to smear Belichick, who clearly felt the Patriots needed to move away from both franchise legends.

Alex Guerrero, 44, continues to fight Father Time because to pliability, electrolytes, and the magic of Alex Guerrero. Brady now leads the NFL in touchdown passes with nine, putting him on track to set a new single-season record.

Meanwhile, his 32-year-old buddy in Florida seems to have found the elixir of youth. Through two games, Gronkowski has caught 12 receptions for 129 yards and four touchdowns. It’s amazing to watch the 6-foot-6, 265-pounder crushing defenses again after just having three touchdown catches in his last season in New England.

It’s possible that Belichick believed he could replace both players via the draft or free agency. Anyone who saw Cam Newton in 2020 could immediately see how poorly the Patriots mishandled the quarterback situation. Furthermore, the tight end group failed to produce in the previous two seasons, forcing Belichick to spend a lot of money on Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry this offseason.

While Mac Jones offers New England supporters optimism for a better future, he still has a long way to go before establishing himself as Tom Brady’s successor. And, based on how the GOAT has performed in a Bucs jersey, it’s clear that Belichick was mistaken in questioning TB12’s ability to play at an elite level into his mid-40s. If the Patriots had prolonged Brady’s contract and managed Gronkowski’s situation properly, they may have been able to continue their dynasty run.

New England, on the other hand, finished 7-9 with Newton as quarterback instead of contending for a title. After the Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 55, Belichick had to watch Brady and Gronk joyfully lift the Lombardi Trophy in the air. And if Bruce Arians’ team lives up to expectations, he may have to see the same scenario again.

In the end, Belichick seems to be a complete moron for basically driving two superstars out of town. But he seems to be much worse since neither Brady nor Gronkowski appear to be on the verge of collapsing.

Perhaps the desire to humiliate their former mentor fuelled their achievement. Perhaps they only needed a change of environment to reignite their enthusiasm for the game. Whatever the truth is, their strategy has obviously succeeded.

Bill Belichick will be scrutinized for not allowing Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to complete their careers in Foxborough unless he shows he can do it on his own.

Pro Football Reference provided all statistics.

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Rob Gronkowski has quickly confirmed he and Tom Brady executed the perfect plan to embarrass Bill Belichick. Reference: how many years did gronkowski sign with the buccaneers.

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