The Roblox game is a popular multiplayer online game with over 45 million players. It has been praised for its creativity, graphics, and user-friendly interface. But one of the most interesting aspects of this game is its character development system which allows players to create their own characters and level up their skills.

The all star tower defense is a game that has been around since 2009. It is one of the most popular games on Roblox, and there are many strategies for playing it.



Omega Tower Defense, a spiritual sequel to Roblox’s critically renowned All Star Tower Defense, has just gotten its first major update, which includes some fantastic new characters, commonly known as towers or units. This guide will show you the greatest characters in Roblox Omega Tower Defense and their tiers.

Some of the finest units are very rare, making them both costly and difficult to get. They barely drop 0.25 percent of the time. You may always perform daily quests to get more money and try rolling again until you get the best S-tier troops for your party, or you can do daily quests to earn more gold with cheaper towers and try rolling again until you get the best S-tier units for your party.

S-Tier Units in Roblox Omega Tower Defense

Ichigo is a character in the anime Ichigo (Shinigami)

Ichigo’s spiritual form has the greatest range in the game, and his damage when maxed out is 200 points. This is a fantastic character for both the beginning and the finale.

He’s a little expensive at $900, but it’s well worth it considering how excellent he is in both solo and co-op modes.

Friz, Friz, Friz, Friz (Final Form)

Friz has the greatest AoE attacks because to his burn damage, which may do a lot of damage. Despite his limited range, he is still regarded as one of the greatest characters in the game.


Soul King Brook from the anime One Piece inspired this skeleton unit. Due to his ability to boost the range of his teammates as well as double their total damage output, he is presently the strongest supporting character in Omega Tower Defense.

Put him on the same squad as Friz and watch the world of the game implode. These two are unstoppable!


Emma is based on the Dragon Ball anime character Bulma. She has the unique capacity to boost your money profits, which is critical in this game.

Her level determines how much money she will generate for you. So put as much money into her as you can.

Units in the A-Tier


If Ichigo is unavailable, the next best choice is Yowai (Deku), who costs just $600.

This unit possesses a unique AoE strike that kills every enemy in a straight path. In the early game, this strong strike may assist you in dealing with more difficult opponents.


If you can’t afford the Shinigami version yet, this is the rare edition of Ichigo, which is a fantastic option.

His attacks and abilities are almost identical, with the exception that his damage output is somewhat lower.

Friz, Friz, Friz, Friz (First Form)

Friz in his less expensive and more accessible incarnation isn’t quite as brilliant as he is in his ultimate form, but it still delivers a punch.

You can purchase him for about $500, and as you level him up, he will undoubtedly become one of your finest troops.


This tower is built on AoE freezing powers, which may be very useful in cooperative games. It enables you to stun your opponents, allowing your teammates a little window of opportunity to do more damage.

His own damage isn’t particularly high, thus this isn’t the greatest option for solo mode.

Units in the B-Tier


Another tower with the power to stun, but one that is a little less expensive than Tasu. Chie also has a high damage output, thus you may utilize him effectively in solo mode.

Unfortunately, since his stun damage is targeted, you won’t be able to utilize him as successfully in co-op mode as Tasu.


Ken, on the other hand, is an AoE unit who may be very useful in the early stages. However, as the maps shrink, his skills will be less useful in the latter stages of the game.

Utsu Super

In the latter stages, when Ken’s special line AoEs are more effective, this tower will be a fantastic replacement for him. His damage isn’t as great as Yowai’s, but if you level him up correctly, he can still deal a lot.

Those are the greatest Roblox Omega Tower Defense characters. Check out our dedicated hub page for additional tier list instructions and other Roblox-related content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best character in Tower Defense?

The best character in Tower Defense is the Archer class.

What are the best characters in All Star Tower Defense?

The best characters in All Star Tower Defense are the ones that have been unlocked.

What is the code for tower defense Roblox?

I am not sure what you are asking. If you want to play a game of tower defense on Roblox, the code is TD

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