The Scarlet Nexus is a combination of the Scarlet and the Nexus, and is considered to be the best supporting characters in the series. They are both a powerful duo and I recommend that you try to get them as combo partners as soon as possible.

How do you build up a new, fairly unique and powerful combo for the Scarlet Emperor System? Some said it was a great idea. Others said it was a joke. Most of the time, both sides were right, and the combo was a success.

I was a big fan of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 when they were launched, but I wasn’t an avid fan. I liked the devices, but I wasn’t actively using them. They served their purpose, but I didn’t love them. I’m not sure if that has to do with the hardware or the software, but the Nexus 6 addressed a couple of complaints I had with the Nexus 5. One, the phone was bigger and heavier than the Nexus 5, but I didn’t mind that. Two, the camera was great, but I’ve never been a fan of the new camera app, so I decided to go back to the old one.

TheScarlet Nexus Vision combo is a convenient way to inflict heavy damage in a single burst of power. They are easy to execute, but should be used with caution in more complex battles.

This is because the combined views take up a significant portion of the SAS meter. Our guide to the Scarlet Nexus combined vision explains when these abilities open up and how best to use them in battles with others.

Scarlet Nexus Vision Combo explained

Yuito or Kasane can activate combined visions with any team member if their link level three or more is. This is the moment when the visions of the combo are unlocked. So, if you are diligent about giving gifts and cultivating relationships, you will have combined visions for your core team very early on.

However, these combined visions are different from the SAS skill, which allows you to combine multiple SAS forces for a powerful, multi-elemental attack.

Using Vision Combo removes just over 50% of that fighter’s SAS meter, so it can’t be used all the time. If you want to use Combo Visions, make sure you bring SAS refills.

However, we recommend saving them for boss fights or encounters with large numbers of enemies, so you don’t get stuck when you need a specific SAS skill.

Combo Vision does not correspond to SAScapabilities

If you want to enable multiple SAS capabilities simultaneously, is not a combined display. To use it, you must unlock the Simultaneous SAS skill in the Brain Map.

with the Scarlet NexusVision Combo

Using Combo Visions is easy. Instead of using the shoulder key for the SAS skill, use the opposite key (e.g. L1 instead of R1 on PlayStation) and the face key or the key corresponding to the group member’s SAS skill.

If you fail while trying to complete any of the Scarlet Nexus Vision Combo quests, such as. B. Kyoka Combo Vision Quest or Tsugumi Combo Vision Quest, not moving forward, another step must be taken. In these quests, you must deliver the final blow with Combo Vision. Simply using an attack during a fight doesn’t count.

That’s all you need to know about Scarlet Nexus Combo Visions, but don’t forget to check out our other Scarlet Nexus guides for more tips.

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