Did you know that Scottie Pippen once beat Pat McAfee in a round of golf and then learned how to shotgun a beer afterword—with the help of Pat’s wife, Bridget? No, not really. That’s what the 90s called a “rant” from the mouth of some guy on the Internet. But it’s true! Or at least it’s true in this case.

I recently watched a scene from the movie “Breaking Away” where young protagonist Todd (played by Keanu Reeves) is being interviewed by a reporter for a magazine. The question asked was how did he get his nickname, “The Cane Man.” “Its not just that I was a boy scout,” he starts, “but I took it seriously.” “How did you get the nickname, ‘The Cane Man?’” “Well, I grew up in a small town where I was the only black kid in school. So, all through middle school and high school, I would be on the blacktop every day taking out all the trash cans and the garbage cans. So, the kids would call me ‘the cane man’

Back in the day, Scottie Pippen (the former Chicago Bulls player and NBA star) and Pat McAfee (the current Las Vegas resident and a sports commentator) were both on the golf course. Now, this is not a big deal.

Scottie Pippen is an NBA legend who won championships with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. But he also seems to be a good golfer. Pippen once beat former NFL kicker and sports media superstar Pat McAfee at golf, then learned to shoot a beer gun.

Scotty Pippen and Pat McAfee go head to head in Baha Mar

In 2019, Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers hosted The Baha Mar Showdown, a three-day golf tournament in the Bahamas.

In the end, two teams competed, one consisting of current and former NFL players and another consisting of current and former NBA players.

According to the official Twitter of the tournament, the NFL team had : Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Larry Fitzgerald, Adam Thielen, Kyle Williams, Josh Scobey, Patrick Peterson and McAfee.

The NBA team consisted of: Mike Conley Jr, Chris Paul, JR Smith, Ray Allen, Dell Curry, Deron Williams, Tyler Johnson and Pippen.

CBS broadcast the tournament and the NFL team ended up winning.

McAfee couldn’t beat Pippen, though.

Scotty Pippen defeats Pat McAfee by head

As McAfee said on the Pat McAfee ShowEpisode at 2. July 2019 and later told in an April 2020 video, he found out he had to fight Pippen after Dell Curry told him the day before that Pippen was in trouble on the field.

Therefore, McAfee didn’t have high expectations for Pippen’s game, but after playing the opening shot, he quickly realized he needed to take it more seriously.

I see Scotty hit a few pitches that are starting to pile up, and I think ….. I think I’ve been cheated, he said.

Pippen was three strokes ahead of McAfee with seven holes to go, but McAfee began to believe he could catch up.

But the six-time NBA champion has something to say about it.

Scotty Pippen threw the ball very effectively from 190 yards out, McAfee said. Boom, boom, boom, and then he walks to the green, picks up the ball, camera pointed at him, and he says: Pippen is not so easy.

In the end, Pippen won the match and McAfee joked with Curry afterwards. Curry, however, stood by his position.

He said: I saw that things were not going well yesterday, and Greg Anthony told me, McAfee recalls. I said: Dell, he buried me, Dell Curry. He buried me. He said: Hey, Pippen’s not that easy.

Scotty learned to drink beer shot

(left to right) Scotty Pippen and Pat McAfee. | VCG/VCG via Getty Images; Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Despite McAfee’s loss, there were no frictions between him and Pippen after the game, and the former Cougar even taught him how to drink beer.

I taught him to drink beer after he beat me, apparently in a friendly game, McAfee said. As soon as he heard about his win, he became a fan. … He’d already beaten me. We were in a win-win situation. Let’s put our swords away. … I teach him and he does it like a champ.

In the video McAfee posted, Pippen says after he finishes his beer: This is the best Bud Light I’ve ever had. Whether it was because he beat McAfee at golf or because he had just learned to shoot, it seemed like a good beer after a successful day on the golf course.

Scotty Pippen and Pat McAfee had successful professional careers


Of course, you can’t compare the careers of McAfee and Pippen. They played two completely different sports, and McAfee played at a position that had less impact on the final outcome of the game.

But both have been very successful.

Pippen is a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame after being selected to the All-Star team seven times and winning six NBA championships with the Bulls alongside Michael Jordan. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in football history.

McAfee, meanwhile, is a two-time Pro Bowl winner and was a first-team All-Pro for the Indianapolis Colts. In his final NFL season in 2016, McAfee led the NFL in yards per punt with a 49.3 average. He also went to the Super Bowl for the Colts in his first season.

McAfee and Pippen have had two very different careers in very different sports, but apparently they had a pretty epic golf fight when their paths crossed in 2019. Maybe there will be a rematch someday.

Statistics provided by Pro Football Reference and Basketball Reference

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