If you haven’t completed the ‘Dark Desires’ objectives for Sea of Thieves you may be missing out on some nice gear. If you are a new player then please do read on as this post goes through each of the objectives and what you can get for each.

We’re back with the 2nd blog in our Dark Desires Commendation Series, and it’s all about how to get your hands on the coveted Dark Desires Commendation.

The Sea of Thieves Dark Desires is a new addition to the game that was released in February of this year. The Dark Desires are items that can only be found in the game during special occasions. The Dark Desires are a special tier of rewards that can be obtained by completing special in-game challenges such as defeating specific bosses, obtaining a certain number of enemy flags, and completing other game objectives.

The Dark Brothers, the antagonists at the heart of the game Sea of Thieves: The life of a pirate, who wants to make mischief at sea. But who are they, and what are their darkest desires?

The Dark Wishes Compendium will help you find the answers to these questions. To succeed, you need strength, wisdom and, most difficult of all, patience. Here’s what you need to do:

How to get praise for dark wishes

Start the third nonfiction book ofA Pirate’s Life titled Dark Brethren by selecting it next to Castaway. He sends you to the far north, beyond the borders on your maps, to find a Siren fortress.

Once in the fortress, you’ll have to fight a series of battles against sea snipers. You also have to overcome a series of mermaid statue puzzles.

There are many secrets along the way, including hidden journals and mysterious murals, if you want to discover them.

Keep moving forward. You pass in front of the Vliegende Hollander, and through two masts on pulleys that serve as a bridge.

Eventually, you stand at the bottom of aslide and hear the sinister voice of Davy Jones in the distance. Une fenêtre pop-up avec le message The Court Convenes vous indique que vous êtes au bon endroit.

Your reflex might be to throw yourself at him and swing your sword, but that would be a mistake. You should take timeinstead.

Sneak around until you reach a vantage point, but stay far enough away so you won’t be seen. Jones and his team (we won’t reveal who exactly) begin to detail their plans. Jones will suggest that another co-conspirator is secretly directing the action from behind the scenes. Sit quietly and listen.

It will take a few minutes, but you should listen until the end of thecall – until all callers have left on their own. Only then will you achieve your goals. You will be greeted with the announcement that you have received the award Dark Desires Commendation.

Now that you have received a summons, you can complete the game or mission.  At this point you’re close to the end, and there’s a nice pile of gold waiting for you at the end, so we recommend you finish this story.

You did it. You have the praise of the dark desires, and the plans of the dark brothers become clearer. To find out who is really pulling the strings, you have to do the last two stories. There are plenty more hidden rewards to be found along the way, so keep our Sea of Thieves guides handy. A good hacker is always ready to step in.I am a stickler for the rules in Sea of Thieves. I don’t like to break them. I don’t like to break the law. I don’t like to break the rules. But I do like to break the game.. Read more about sea of thieves dark brethren journals and let us know what you think.

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