Sea of Thieves is one of the most popular games on Xbox One. If you want to get a crossbow, there are a few different ways to go about it. This blog will cover the basics of how to get your hands on this powerful weapon.

The sea of thieves how to get ferryman cutlass is one of the most powerful weapons in Sea of Thieves. It has a very high damage output and it can be obtained early on in the game.

Despite being a cosmetic-only skin for a more common weapon in the game, the Sea of Thieves crossbow is one of the most sought-after weapons in Season Four. If you’re wondering how to acquire the Sea of Thieves crossbow, don’t worry, fearsome pirate; we’ve got you covered with this tutorial.

In Sea of Thieves, How Do I Get A Crossbow? 


Rare’s method of adding a new weapon into the game without upsetting the balance of the weaponry meta is the Sea of Thieves crossbow. The crossbow is only a skin for the Eye of Reach (sniper rifle), thus it doesn’t have any unique stats or characteristics from the standard Eye of Reach.

However, Rare has never changed a weapon as dramatically as it does with the Eye of Reach crossbow skin, which is known in-game as the Ballista Eye of Reach.

You must level up to tier 50 in the 100-tier Season Four Plunder Pass to get the Ballista Eye of Reach. While there is a premium route that offers many more prizes, the crossbow skin may be obtained without purchasing the Plunder Pass. It’s awarded to all players who reach tier 50 before the season ends, which, according to the game’s menus, will be somewhere in early December.

That means you have approximately ten weeks to get to tier 50, which should be doable if you concentrate on Deeds, in-game tasks that award seasonal Renown, or XP, quickly. 


Once you’ve spawned into a game, you may go through the advancement menus to determine which Deeds you should do first. They’re color-coded similarly to the rarity system in many games, so concentrating on green is a good idea.

Deeds will be the simplest but provide the least amount of Renown, while blue and purple deeds will provide more Renown but need more effort.

You’ll receive additional prizes approximately every five levels you unlock if you purchase the Plunder Pass ($10 in-game), so choose the one that’s perfect for you and climb to tier 50 like it’s the crow’s nest, pirate.

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The are weapons in sea of thieves cosmetic is a question that has been asked before. Weapons are not cosmetic items, they are functional and have an impact on the game.

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