The Shrine of Hungering Journals is a difficult and long-running challenge in Sea of Thieves. It’s a great way to earn a lot of gold, but it’s also a difficult one. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to complete the shrine in record time!

The shrine of hungering guide is a guide that will help you find all the Shrine of Hungering Journals in Sea of Thieves.

The Shrine of Hungering entices Sea of Thieves seafarers with promises of treasure and legend. Five diaries are hidden inside this shark-infested shrine. To obtain the Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation, you’ll need these, as well as diaries from five additional shrines.

It’s a risky venture, but with your wits and this helpful instructions, you’ll have those diaries in no time.

Locations of the Sea of Thieves Shrine of Hungering Journals


Your ship’s map will direct you to the Shrine of Hungering. Sail your ship there and dive into the sea where a brilliant light may be seen.

Make your way down to the seabed until you find enormous skeleton remains. These signify the entrance to the shrine’s huge underwater tunnel. 

Journal 1: The Hungering Shrine


Enter the shrine and battle your way through a tiny swarm of sharks. Following the tunnel as it twists around, you’ll soon come upon a skeleton buried in the soft bottom dirt.

The skeleton’s extended hand is holding the journal.  

The Warrior (Journal 2)


As you go further inside the shrine, you will come to a huge chamber. To increase the water level, you must solve a siren problem. You’ll get access to an upper region with a geyser that shoots water onto an even higher platform if you do so.

To the left of a lighted siren statue, look for an ammunition box on a damaged rowboat. The diary is close to what’s left of the rowboat’s bow.  

Journal 3: The Unmasked Warrior


Continue on until you’ve finished the second siren statue problem. You’ll scale the remains of a long-dead sea monster, then ascend a broken mast to a platform beside a geyser.

The diary is hidden behind a stack of boards, close to the wall and a cluster of purple sea stars.  

The High Priest (Journal No. 4)


You’ll notice a huge jawbone from a megalodon just after you finish reading the third diary. Don’t look at them just yet. Instead, look to the right for a succession of bone-encrusted platforms in the wall. To get to an isolated shelf, cross these.

The notebook is perched on a rocky outcropping next to a brilliant coral formation.  

A Great Evil (Journal 5)


You’ll swim to a room enclosed by a translucent barrier at the top of the shrine. You must fire the coral at the barrier’s top and fight a swarm of sharks.

You may read the last diary, which is situated on the ground near the translucent barrier you went through, after those fishy fiends have been destroyed.  

So far, I’ve completed five journals and have twenty-five more to go. To get the Sunken Kingdom Commendation, you still have a long way to go. Visit our Sea of Thieves site for the remainder of the diaries, as well as lots of other tips and techniques.  

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