The Sunken Pearl is the first Sea of Thieves treasure chest to be discovered. It can be found on the Southernmost island in the Sea of Thieves, and is a very rare find. If you’ve played in Sea of Thieves before, you’ll know that the Sunken Pearl is an incredibly rare treasure that is located on an island far off the beaten path. This island is easily distinguishable from the rest of the sea by its shape and the fact that it is engulfed in water.

After a rocky start, Sea of Thieves is finally starting to gain traction as a player-driven multiplayer game that is easy to pick up and play, but hard to master.

We are back in the Highlands of Scotland, and this time we have a showdown with a player that has a boarded ship on the top of the world. This is our chance to get that Treasure Chest! This is the Sunken Pearl, and It’s ours for the taking.

Sea of Thieves : The Life of a Pirate here. After being shown at E3, Rare’s pirate adventure finally crosses paths with Disney’smovie, Pirates of the Caribbean. In Tall Tale 2: In The Sunken Pearl, players venture into the dark depths of the ocean to learn about mermaids, a brand new enemy type that has been talked about since the release of Sea of Thieves.

If you just need help finishing this long and complicated chapter of the story, or if you’re looking for all the Sunken Pearl journals, we have a complete guide here.

Sea of Thieves – The Sunken Pearl – Walkthrough

As these statues will appear several times in the course of history, we shall hereafter call them the coral statue, the chain statue, and the gemstone statue. Each statue also has three possible positions in which it can hold the staff: high, medium or low.

You can customize the way they hold their staff by hitting it with an angled sword strike or a fired projectile. For the first part, configure it as follows.

  • Gemstone figurine Low
  • Coral figure: Medium
  • channel status: Top

First go to the large door , above which hangs the purple coral . Behind the crooked wreck lies the log No. 1/5.

To see it, go to the other end where the ammo box is , and turn to aim and shoot to correct your sitting position. This time, the statues should be placed like this:

  • Gemstone figurine Top
  • channel status: Medium
  • Coral figure: Low

Once everyone is in place, you can raise the water level. So you can go out through a makeshift ramp of sea monster whirlpools, but before you go, look in the far corner, opposite the bridge. Look for the magazine#2/5 .

Next, you must fend off more ocean crawlers, collect a mermaid’s heart, and discover another cave design. Now you probably know what to do, right? Just in case, here are the proper settings for the statue:

  • Coral figure: Low
  • Gemstone figurine Medium
  • channel status: Top

This is the end of the story of the sunken pearl! Phew. It’s wild, isn’t it? The achievement appears and your unlocks a new cosmetic sword for your gun cabinet. Continue to the next room to further explore the mermaid’s house or return to the ship via the mermaid statue. But don’t rest on your laurels. There is also Sea of Thieves Tall Tales to finish!The Sunken Pearl is a special ship that can only be found in the Sea of Thieves. And it’s a very useful ship too. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Sunken Pearl, including: how to unlock it, how to upgrade it, and how to get the most out of it.. Read more about the sunken pearl sea of thieves glitch and let us know what you think.

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