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Shaquille O’Neal spent the last few days adding to his $400 million net worth with only his voice. O’Neal, who was recently named the highest-paid player in NBA history, made a cash-in on his recent $12 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. According to reports, O’Neal’s agent contacted the company that provides voice-activated command technology for AT&T’s command services and offered $400 million in exchange for the company to create a digital voice that O’Neal could use to power his voice commands.

In this day and age, it seems that Shaq’s voice is worth more than his basketball skills. Not only is he making movies, but he’s producing them as well, and according to Forbes, Shaq is worth $400 million. Of course, we knew he was wealthy, but hearing his net worth breakdown in that article is something that you just don’t hear every day.. Read more about shaquille o’neal net worth 2021 and let us know what you think.

The command, “Hey Shaq, play Justin Bieber,” is on its way to a digital assistant near you. Shaquille O’Neal has joined the roster of celebrity voices on Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. Amazon stated on July 19 that the voices of both O’Neal and actor/comedian Melissa McCarthy are now accessible on the gadget.

O’Neal, a Basketball Hall of Famer and TNT’s Inside the NBA commentator, is no stranger to the world of entertainment. Back in the day, he co-starred with Nick Nolte and then-Orlando Magic teammate Anfernee Hardaway in the much-ballyhooed box-office flop Kazaam, and he co-starred with Nick Nolte and then-Orlando Magic colleague Anfernee Hardaway in the film Blue Chips.

The amount of recording required to get Shaquille O’Neal on Alexa, on the other hand, took him off surprise.

‘It seemed like I was reading from a dictionary.’

Alexa was trained to sound like Shaquille O’Neal over the course of three months, according to Amazon. The project was so complex that the firm constructed a recording studio in O’Neal’s home. (Wait, doesn’t the self-proclaimed rap artist already own one?) According to Variety, Shaq claimed the job was more difficult than he expected.

“It seemed like I was reading from a dictionary. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever attempted.”

Shaquille O’Neal is a basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

O’Neal recorded the words, phrases, and sentences for up to eight hours on certain days.

Alexa now includes three celebrity voices, including McCarthy and Shaquille O’Neal, in addition to Samuel L. Jackson. Since 2019, Jackson’s voice has been accessible (complete with his colorful vocabulary for users that choose to activate it).

What is it possible for a user to persuade Shaquille O’Neal to do?

Alexa users may ask a virtual Shaquille O’Neal to do any of the device’s duties with a simple “Hey, Shaq.” Users may check the weather, listen to music, and set an alarm.

Shaq’s voice, on the other hand, incorporates rapping on demand. O’Neal is enthusiastic about the project.

“All I wanted to do was inject some of my personality into the Alexa experience. I believe the fans will like it. They’ll get to see a different side of me.”

Shaquille O’Neal is a basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Part of the show’s distinctiveness comes from O’Neal’s tendency to improvise with his writing.

“I had to Shaq-ify the phrases,” says the author. Some of the materials they gave me were too corporate for me; that wasn’t how I communicate.”

Shaquille O’Neal is a basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Customers in the United States will pay $4.99 for O’Neal’s voice. Amazon believes that the new celebrity voices would increase the marketability of its Echo smart speakers and other products. It’s also never a bad thing to have more money.

Given some of his previous actions, Shaquille O’Neal putting his own twist on the project isn’t surprising. Giving Alexa his voice lends the gadget the legitimacy of an O’Neal endorsement. He is well-known for not promoting things only to be paid.

Shaquille O’Neal is still a fan favorite more than a decade after retiring.

Shaquille O'Neal is now available as an Alexa voice

Shaquille O'Neal is now available as an Alexa voice On July 3, 2021, Shaquille O’Neal watches Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Atlanta Hawks from press row at State Farm Arena. | Getty Images/Kevin C. Cox

Even though Shaquille O’Neal last played in the NBA in May 2011, he continues to inspire fans. O’Neal was a phenomenon from the time he joined the NBA, with his collection of nicknames and the famous Shaqtin-a-fool segment on Inside the NBA.

O’Neal dominated the NBA after being selected first overall in the 1992 NBA draft by the Orlando Magic. Almost every away game was sold out, and he was a near-unanimous choice for Rookie of the Year (Alonzo Mourning got two of the 98 votes).

He was a foregone conclusion when he became eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2016, the first year he was eligible. It’s not surprising, given his record, which includes an NBA MVP award, four championships, two scoring crowns, three Finals MVP awards, 14 All-NBA bids, and three All-Defensive choices.

Shaquille O’Neal’s popularity hasn’t waned over the years, which may come as a surprise.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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Shaquille O’Neal is a living legend, and he is worth more than a billion dollars. Shaq has long been a force behind the scenes in the NBA, thanks to his relentless work ethic and ability to connect with people. But now, Shaq is taking the next step, and he is earning a living through his voice. Shaq is selling his “Shaqtin’ a” line of products and making a profit. So, how is Shaq doing this? He’s been recording his voice to sell on iTunes. His first product was a video of him rapping “Bad” by M.I.A. Shaq is in the process of designing more products and recording more songs. It’s a start, but. Read more about how much is shaquille o’neal worth 2021 and let us know what you think.

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