Ironwood Basin is a new map added to the game in update 2.3 that hosts five unique caches of loot–or “voidrunner stashes.” These hidden treasures are located high atop cliffs, deep within caves and even at the bottom of canyons. In order for players to access these areas, they’ll need to find their way around an invisible barrier blocking passage into certain sections of Ironwood Basin. In this guide we will show you how exactly go about opening up Verse’s special suit hiding out among one such stash on the map.

The “solar ash release date” is a suit that can be unlocked by completing the Solar Ash Ironwood Basin Voidrunner Stashes. The suit has an appearance similar to that of a superhero and can be obtained through the Verse app.

In Solar Ash, there are 5 Voidrunner Stashes in Ironwood Basin. Verse’s suit, Redshift Steeplechase, is a requirement for traveling about swiftly since mobility lies at the heart of Solar Ash’s gameplay. Rei’s dash cooldown is significantly reduced by the suit, allowing you almost twice the amount of time to boost around levels.

This Solar Ash tutorial will teach you how to get Verse’s suit by locating all of the Voidrunner stashes.

These will count toward your total for the Reliquarian trophy/achievement, much like the other cache items in Solar Ash. You’ll gain the Hobbyist Archaeologist trophy/achievement if you complete any of them for the first time.

How to Get Verse’s Suit in Solar Ash in Ironwood Basin Stashes

The platforming in the Basin is a touch more difficult than it is in the Broken Capital, as we discussed in our Erving suit guide, and subsequent suits are much more difficult to get. Everything you need to know about Verse’s outfit is right here.

1st Verse Suit Stockpile

The first Voidrunner will be located up and to the right of the first checkpoint.


Skate out into the clouds just past the first platform, avoiding the stairs on the left, to get there. Continue straight along the cliff wall, avoiding the mine in your path, before turning around and following the plasma trail to a jump ramp.


The collectable is just a short distance away.


Verse Suit Stash 2 is a sequel to Verse Suit Stash.

Return to the first checkpoint, then take the left-hand stairwell. Through the woods, follow the platform walkway.


You’ll soon find yourself in front of a vast pantheon. Keep to the left of the structure.


The stockpile is peacefully resting in the shade.


Suit Stash 3 by Verse

To go to Cyd, cross the bridge from the Pantheon. Continue up the stairwell to her left and follow the passage through the clouds, which leads to further stairwells.


Once you’ve passed the checkpoint, climb up into the clouds to the right of the grappling point and follow the cliff face around, staying to the left the whole time.


A minefield awaits you under the eye entrance. Avoid it as much as possible, or send them all up the platforms to the cache safely.


Suit Stash 4 by Verse

Continue along the cliff face on your left side, making your way toward the ruins on the far right side of the region, from the eye entrance Voidrunner cache.


Continue left on the clouds until you see the Voidrunner insignia among additional mines.


Avoid them and descend through the clouds until you reach the cache in a cave under the ruins.


Verse’s Suit Stash 5 is a collection of Verse’s suits.

The last item may be found on the tentacle monster-infested wreckage. Make your way to the climbable slime through the minefield.


Look left when you reach the aperture under the monster’s head for a Voidrunner insignia.


Verse’s last suit piece and resting location may be found by following the rock wall around.


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And that’s where you’ll discover all of the Voidrunner stashes in Solar Ash to unlock Verse’s suit. Consider visiting our Solar Ash guides site for additional hints and tips, including how to unlock more suits and how to reach all of the game’s endings.

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