For the fourth year in the row, the Golden State Warriors are expected to have one of the best NBA offenses in history, but this year they might just have the best one of all time. With their latest acquisition, they’ve upgraded their starting lineup to the point where it looks like they could compete for a championship with a bunch of role players instead of star players.

The Golden State Warriors are back for a third straight season as the NBA champs, and their greatest weapon is still Stephen Curry. He’s averaging 30.1 points a game, has an NBA MVP Award under his belt and quite possibly a three-peat as the NBA’s best shooter. Meanwhile, Klay Thompson is having another great season, and is the Warriors’ de-facto third-best scorer. The two of them together may lead to another NBA title, but they’re in their own category as the best shooting combo in NBA history. The two have reportedly made their offseason wishes clear to the Warriors’ front office, and if their comments to their former team are any indication, the former Splash Brothers might be poised to make another run

After the Warriors finally won the 2018 NBA title last month, and then the Golden State Warriors were expected to repeat in the 2019 NBA Finals, it came as no surprise that Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have reportedly made their offseason wishes clear to Warriors management.

For five years, the Golden State Warriors reigned supreme in the NBA, reaching the NBA Finals five times in a row and winning three titles. Golden State, on the other hand, has been left out of the playoffs for the last two years. So, how can they reclaim their NBA title? Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green seem to have a plan, and they’ve told Warriors management about it.

In the 2021 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors hold two lottery selections.

After missing much of the 2019-20 season without Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson, the Warriors secured the No. 2 overall selection in the 2020 draft. They utilized it to choose James Wiseman in the end. 

They were, however, considerably better on the court in 2020-21.

Curry scored 32.0 points per game in 63 games and led Golden State to a 39-33 record, but the Warriors missed the playoffs by one game, falling in the play-in round.

However, by missing the playoffs, they were able to acquire the No. 14 selection in the 2021 NBA Draft, in addition to the No. 7 pick they got in a deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Warriors now enter a summer in which they want to fully recover their big three — Curry, Thompson, and Draymond Green — and either select young stars or utilize their draft choices to acquire a great veteran.

According to reports, Stephen Curry and his colleagues have informed the Warriors what they want.

Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors in 2019.

Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors in 2019. The Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green (left), Klay Thompson, and Stephen Curry celebrate after Game 2 of the 2019 Western Conference Finals on May 16, 2019. | Getty Images/Ezra Shaw

Curry and the Warriors will almost certainly want to compete for a title next season, and Thompson’s return to the floor will assist. The team’s stars, on the other hand, aren’t content to stop there.

Curry, Klay Thompson, and Green have allegedly “made it clear” to Warriors management that they want the team to concentrate on winning a title, according to Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic. They may do this by utilizing their lottery selections to provide instant assistance to the team. According to reports, the three stars would like the Warriors to “go all-in” over the next several seasons rather than pick youngsters who may not be ready to compete for championships right now.

So, who would Golden State add to their roster? Bradley Beal, if he becomes available, is at the top of the team’s wishlist, according to Marcus Thompson. Beal’s deal with the Washington Wizards has two years remaining on it, with a player option for 2022-23. 

In exchange for Beal, the Warriors would almost certainly have to give up their two lottery choices, as well as a future pick or two. To match wages, Andrew Wiggins would almost certainly have to be included, and the Wizards may want Wiseman in there as well.

So, what would Beal offer to Golden State if he were to join the team?

With Stephen Curry and the Warriors, Bradley Beal would be unstoppable.

Beal seems to be committed to making it work with the Wizards for the time being. However, if he became available and was acquired by the Warriors, they would instantly become title contenders.

Last season, Curry led the NBA in scoring with 32.0 points per game. Is he the league’s second-highest scorer? Beal averages 31.3 points per game. He also had a slightly higher field goal percentage than Curry in 2020-21, shooting 48.5 percent against Curry’s 48.2 percent.

Curry and Beal would already be the greatest backcourt in the NBA, but Thompson’s return to health would push them even farther. Thompson averaged 20.0 points per game for five consecutive seasons until suffering an injury in the 2019 NBA Finals, giving the Warriors three players who can score 20 points per game and lead the club on any given night. 

Curry would be relieved of a lot of pressure right away, and Golden State would have a chance anytime he’s not on the floor. In 2020-21, Curry had a career-high 34.8 percent usage rate, and the Warriors went 2-7 when he didn’t play. If Curry had had a little more assistance this season, the Warriors could have reached the playoffs; who knows what two All-Star-caliber players in Thompson and Beal would have meant for them.

The Warriors are no longer the NBA’s rulers, but they may regain their kingdom this summer with one game-changing move.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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