Steve Kerr is the latest NBA coach to go on record and call out the false narrative about Steph Curry’s defense. Not only does he say that his point guard has never got a steal in four years, but also says there have been “countless” games where Curry goes three hours without getting one.

“Who does Stephen Curry play for?” is a question that has been asked a lot recently. The Golden State Warriors point guard and two-time MVP has been criticized for his defensive abilities, but Steve Kerr passionately shuts down the false narrative about Stephen Curry’s game. Read more in detail here: who does steph curry play for.

Steve Kerr Passionately Shuts Down the False Narrative About Stephen Curry's Game: 'He's an Excellent Defender'

On the basketball court, Stephen Curry can accomplish almost everything at an exceptional level, but he’s always been regarded as a below-average defender. It’s just more difficult for him to switch onto larger, stronger players and block them from getting to the hoop at 6-foot-2 and 185 pounds.

Curry is a different player this season, according to Golden State Warriors head coach Kerr, Steve, who feels the future Hall of Famer has developed into a “outstanding defender” in year 13.

Stephen Curry’s defense is seldom acknowledged.

Kerr, Steve believes Stephen Curry is an

Kerr, Steve believes Stephen Curry is an Kerr, Steve, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, and Stephen Curry react after the Warriors upset the Sacramento Kings | Getty Images/Daniel Shirey

Curry has been renowned as a great shooter who has struggled on defense throughout his NBA career. He’s always been tiny in comparison to the majority of the league’s players, thus he’s often targeted on defense anytime other teams can find favorable matchups against him.

Curry, on the other hand, has never been credited for being the ballhawk he has always been.

Over the course of his career, the Warriors superstar has averaged 1.7 steals per game. With 163 thefts in 2014-15 and 169 the following season, he topped the NBA in total steals twice.

Curry may sometimes give up easy baskets to larger players, but he always makes up for it with the turnovers he can cause.

Curry is a “outstanding defender,” according to Kerr, Steve, who shuts down the narrative.

Few people give Curry credit for his defense, but those who do don’t work with him on a daily basis. Kerr, on the other hand, understands Curry’s game like no one else and feels it’s past time to give him credit.

In a recent interview with GQ’s Hanif Abdurraqib, he defended Curry.

There has been a significant change since I first came here seven years ago. He’s developed his physique in such a manner that it affects his ability to finish at the rim, get into the paint, and get past screens. It has also aided him in his defense. He’s a fantastic defender. This reputation as a poor defender has followed him from the beginning of his career, and I would simply invite anybody to watch him night after night.

Kerr, Steve

Curry allegedly gained five pounds in the summer, and it’s paid handsomely this season on defense.

His strongest defensive season to date.

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Curry has a defensive rating of 110, 113, and 111 over the previous three seasons. Those numbers are much below the league average for daily starters, but he’s regressed this season.

Curry has a defensive rating of 99.5 in 2021-22, which would be his greatest performance of his career if it held throughout the season.

Kerr is correct. On defense, it’s past time to treat Curry with the respect he deserves. provided all stats.

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