Final Fantasy is one of the most popular and classic video games in history. With over 110 million copies sold, Final Fantasy has become a major part of gaming culture around the world. It has stood out for its unique gameplay and story that attracts many new players every year. This article will discuss how to reach each job tier in this game’s main storyline so you can have an easier time leveling up jobs quickly!

The “stranger of paradise job tier list” is a ranking of the best jobs in Final Fantasy Origins. The ranking is based on how much experience points you gain from each job.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Best Jobs Tier List



In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, there are 28 distinct occupations to choose from, and some of the finest positions are only accessible later in the game when players have completed the required tasks.

In a tier list format, this guide will cover just the finest occupations for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. You’ll discover which weapons you can use, the powers and skills you can employ, and how to acquire each of the mentioned occupations.

S-Tier Jobs: A Stranger in Paradise


  • All weapons are available.
  • Mighty Guard is a powerful ability.

Liberator gives you the freedom to be whatever you want: an attacker, a tank, or even a support healer. You may use any weapon, from a greatsword to an axe, as well as carry a shield and accomplish some fantastic combinations, with this profession.

Mighty Guard, a unique job ability, is the finest action ability in the game. It lets you to build a protective zone around yourself and your teammates, which reduces damage and heals everyone at the same time.

How can I get Liberator to work?

After you’ve unlocked the nodes from the previous two occupations, you may unlock Liberator:


  • Sword, daggers, knuckles, mace, lance, and katana are among the weapons available.
  • Enchanting is a skill.

Tyrant is the next best option if you don’t care about the defensive skills and want to concentrate just on doing as much damage as possible.

Enchant is a strong talent that imbues your weapons with any of the elemental effects you choose, resulting in a devastating combo effect and affinity benefits that will leave no adversary standing.

With each successful strike, you will get access to the Magic Arts talent, which enhances and stacks MP recovery.

Tyrant: How to Unlock

A-Level Positions


  • Greatsword, Lance, Katana, and Axe
  • Zantetsuken is a Zantetsuken ability.

If you prefer farming monsters and taking down as many as possible in a single combination, Breaker is the game for you.

The whole profession revolves upon the Zantetsuken ability and its combinations, which enable you to build Soul Bursts while automatically regenerating your MP, akin to Tyrant’s Magic Arts.

Breakers are unable to employ shields, yet they may use Lightbringer to launch strong long-range assaults.

How to get Breaker to work?

  • Samurai
  • Dragoon
  • Berserker


  • Mace is a weapon.
  • Magic Sigil is a special ability.

Sage is a multi-talented profession that blends both black and white magic into one lethal package.

Except for Perfected Strike, which improves magic damage, and Resolute Mace, which recovers MP, you won’t need much else to be a good mage player.

The Teleport talent, which enables you to both escape attacks and travel about the arena swiftly, is one of Sage’s greatest features.

Sage: How to Unlock


  • Daggers, knuckles, and katana
  • Ninjutsu is a Japanese martial art.

Another pure DPS profession that focuses on doing heavy damage is Ninja. The ability to eat ninja tools instead of MP, which may be restored at the cubes, makes it unique.

Ninja, like Tyrant, possesses a lot of elemental damage-dealing combinations. You may extend the duration of these status effects and debuffs with the aid of the Jubaku talent.

How can I become a Ninja?

Jobs in the B-Tier


  • Greatsword, Sword, and Mace are the weapons available.
  • Holy Fang is a special ability.

Imagine being able to replenish your HP while hitting, and then lowering the damage of your opponent’s strikes based on your maximum HP level. That’s precisely what this job does!

If your HP is full, you may use the Holy Fang ability to deliver additional holy damage. Use the Sentinel talent to gradually reduce the amount of harm your attackers attempt to inflict on you. Sounds complex, but it’s a lot of fun!

How can I become a Paladin?

The Dark Knight is a fictional character created by Christopher

  • Greatsword, Sword, Knuckles, Lance, Katana, and Axe are some of the weapons available.
  • Souleater is a special ability.

The Dark Knight is a fictional character created by Christopher is the complete opposite of the Paladin. Instead of restoring HP to deal damage, The Dark Knight is a fictional character created by Christopher consumes own HP to increase its DPS output.

This class has a high skill limit, yet it may be quite effective.

But don’t worry, since this profession comes with an unique Drain talent that enables you to take HP from nearby adversaries.

How to unlock The Dark Knight is a fictional character created by Christopher

  • Berserker
  • Warrior
  • Mage of the Dark


  • Daggers, knuckles, mace, and Lance
  • Assassination is one of your abilities.

Assasin is an excellent profession for dealing critical strikes and accumulating damage. This is another another profession that requires a high degree of expertise.

Assassins can’t utilize shields and are generally exposed, although they can become invisible and utterly confuse their opponents. As a result of this impact, your critical strikes become much more powerful.

How can I get Assassin unlocked?

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In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, they are the finest occupations. If you’re searching for additional Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin guides, be sure to check out our dedicated hub page.

The “stranger of paradise cyclic warrior” is a job that has the highest DPS in the game. It also has high damage resistance and can use two weapons at once.

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