The NFL is in the midst of a league-wide sexual harassment scandal. The issue has made headlines for months, with more than 20 players having been accused by at least 10 women since October 2017. For both companies and media outlets, this has forced mass reevaluations about their work practices and how they handle allegations like these moving forward–with one major exception.

“Wouldn’t have been appropriate” is an idiom that means “would not be appropriate or suitable.”. It can also mean “isn’t appropriate,” and it’s often used to express disapproval of something.

John Stockton had to make a choice. His ambition was to earn an Olympic gold medal, but how far would he go in order to achieve that goal? During a game against Canada in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games, Stockton collided with Michael Jordan, the Utah Jazz Hall of Fame point guard.

Stockton had been removed from the 1984 Olympic squad, and here was his final opportunity to make his dream come true. Would it ruin his NBA career if he played in pain?

In a collision with Michael Jordan, John Stockton shattered his leg.


John-Stockton-1-1024x688 Karl Malone, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, and Magic Johnson of the United States of America celebrate winning the gold medal in men’s basketball at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. | Icon Sportswire

Stockton broke his right fibula in an exhibition game weeks before the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, after colliding with Jordan in a warm-up game. Stockton emphasized how vital it was for him to play, even with a broken leg, since it was a boyhood ambition of his to compete in the Olympics.

According to United Press International, Stockton remarked in June 1992, “The entire Olympic thing is incredibly important to me.” “I’ve wanted to do it since I was a kid.” It’s one of the most significant aspects of my life, if not my whole career.

“I’ll play in agony if that’s what it takes.” I would never put my job in jeopardy. But if it’s just agony, I’ll go ahead and do it.”

Stockton’s participation on the Dream Team would be up to him and the Jazz, according to team doctor David Fischer.

“This is the kind of damage that may be uncomfortable for weeks,” Fischer said. “However, if the athlete is able to function, it is a safe injury for him to play with.”

Stockton chose to play with discomfort with the Jazz’s approval in order to realize his Olympic ambition.

John Stockton couldn’t image having to sit out the 1984 Olympics as he had to.

Stockton believed he had a chance to make the 1984 Olympic squad, but he was cut late. He was devastated to learn that he would not be a member of the squad. When he broke his leg before of the 1992 Olympics, he thought back to 1984.

According to The Washington Post, he remarked after the injury, “It was a really sick time for me.” “I was sitting in my room when everything initially occurred, thinking I would be replaced.” It was a similar sensation as getting fired in 1984. “Your stomach is in a dreadful way.”

Stockton persevered and made his Olympic debut in the first half of a comfortable win against Spain, clocking 9:55.

According to The Washington Post, he stated, “I wanted to start chuckling, but it wouldn’t have been acceptable.” “I felt a strong surge of adrenaline.” It assisted me in overcoming my fear of the leg. I’m not sure I’d have participated in a competitive game.”

He performed, but he was not himself. He had four points and no assists in six minutes of action. Stockton seemed reluctant and grumpy.

“By going out there, he showed a lot of passion,” Jazz and Olympic teammate Karl Malone said. “However, it isn’t the Stock I use every night in Utah. I’m still concerned about his well-being. He’s handled it well, but I know he’s not perfect, and you never know.”

Stockton was able to realize his Olympic ambitions without endangering his NBA career.

Stockton was awarded the gold medal. He had the opportunity to play with perhaps the finest basketball team ever constructed, according to many. Even though he only played infrequently, he was able to achieve a longstanding desire, even if he couldn’t show off his full skills.

He added at the time, “Not being able to play would have put a damper on everything.” “Being selected to the squad and spending the summer with these men would have been a fantastic experience, but there would have been a cloud hovering over it.”

He said that he was unconcerned about playing time and that he was attempting to relieve his agony psychologically.

He said, “I don’t worry about playing time.” “I anticipate to be uncomfortable during the Olympics. But I’m hoping to get as close to 100 percent as my mind allows.”

Stockton’s NBA career did not suffer as a result of his injuries. Stockton, in fact, came close to realizing another goal after the Olympics. He came close to leading the Jazz to an NBA title.

The Jazz made it to the NBA Finals in 1997 and 1998, but both times they were defeated by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

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