The Western Conference Championship was a close game. The Golden State Warriors had the lead for most of the game, but it wasn’t until late in the fourth quarter that they pulled away and won 108-100.

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The second game of the new NBA season pitted Northern and Southern California against one other. The Golden State Warriors and Stephen Curry beat LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, giving the North the victory.

It wasn’t shocking to hear Magic Johnson is a well-known basketball player. select the Lakers as one of the last two Western Conference teams at season’s end the day after the game. The Dubs were also picked by Magic as the club that would play the Purple and Gold late in the tournament, which was a surprise.

Los Angeles Lakers were beaten by the Golden State Warriors. fA

The Lakers’ 121-114 loss was the focus of most of the post-game commentary. The Warriors, on the other hand, won the game due to a combined effort from young and old.

Before things turned around, the Warriors were behind by as many as 10 points late in the third quarter. Golden State got hot as LA cooled down, outscoring the home club 47 to 30 in the second half. The Dubs stormed back, regained the lead, and kept it for the rest of the game, thanks to a 24-6 run.

Curry was not at his best, unlike in many previous Warriors wins. Although the two-time MVP had a 21-point triple-double, he shot 5-for-21 from the floor and made just two of eight three-pointers. Golden State survived strong performances from both James and Anthony Davis due to Jordan Poole’s 20 points and 15 apiece from Damian Lee and Nemanja Bjelica.

Curry stated after the game, “The fact that everyone who was on the court contributed in a significant manner sort of speaks to our depth and how we want to play moving ahead.” “It’s exciting for us, and it’s wonderful to be up 1-0.”

Magic Johnson believes the Warriors will face the Lakers in the NBA Finals.

NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson smiles and points at the camera.

NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson smiles and points at the camera. Magic Johnson, a former Los Angeles Lakers point guard, is the subject of a documentary. | Mark Davis/WireImage

Johnson, who is 62 years old, spoke on ESPN’s NBA Today the day after Golden State’s shock. He expressed his worries about the Lakers while also praising the Warriors, especially their role players.

Magic remarked, “Let’s give Golden State a lot of credit [to] those young players without Steph.” “Because Steph was on the bench when they made their comeback in the fourth quarter.” They’ve also hired some men to come in and fill it full. Poole and [Otto] Porter were also present. These newcomers have a fantastic bench.”

The Lakers and Warriors, the past two NBA champions from the Western Conference, are meant to meet late in the playoffs, according to Magic.

“And this is what I’m going to say. They’ll be the team with the Lakers when Klay [Thompson] and that young center, [James] Wiseman, return. That, I believe, is the Western Conference Championship.”

Magic Johnson

In their play-in game in May, the Lakers beat the Warriors 103-100. The last time these teams faced off in a playoff series was in 1991, when Magic was still playing.

What is the ceiling for the Golden State Warriors?

Following a Finals defeat and Kevin Durant’s departure for the Brooklyn Nets, the Warriors’ five-year, three-title dynasty came to an end in 2019. The next season, they went 15-50, but improved to 39-33 in 2020-21. There’s reason to think Golden State can compete again now.

The Warriors are still not at full strength, as Johnson noted. Klay Thompson is recuperating from a ruptured right Achilles tendon, which he sustained last summer after damaging his ACL in the NBA Finals. Second-year center James Wiseman had surgery in April to heal a damaged meniscus as Thompson prepares to return to play. If all goes according to plan, he should be back on the court by the end of the year.

Golden State, on the other hand, shown that it can still be a danger even without two of its expected starters. On offense, Poole and Lee will be important contributors, providing Curry with much-needed support. To round out a well-balanced squad, the Warriors boast veterans Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins.

The Warriors are better than anticipated, and Thompson and Wiseman’s return should help them even more. At that time, Magic’s prediction of the Golden State Warriors facing the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals may not seem so far-fetched.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

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The lakers-warriors spread is a term that refers to the difference in points between two teams in a game, specifically when one team has more than double the number of points as the other.

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