During the Eagles’ first Super Bowl run, the team was praised for recognizing the talent of Philadelphia native DeVonta Smith and gifting him with a shot at a starting job. And they gave him as much time as he needed to develop as a receiver.

A couple of days ago, the Eagles large contingent of fans and media were in a frenzy over the idea that the Eagles had signed some guy named DeVonta Smith. After all, he was supposed to be a star, and that is the product that the Eagles usually get from the University of Alabama. As it turns out, the hype surrounding Smith was a bit misguided. In fact, pretty much every Eagles fan should be terrified that Smith is joining their team in 2018.

With the first week of the NCAA season in the books, it’s apparent that a new college football season is just around the corner. This year’s crop of college football stars are nothing short of remarkable. Some players are already anointed as Heisman Trophy candidates. Others are fighting for a starting role. And then there are those who have been labeled as first round draft picks.

The people of Philadelphia celebrated in the presence of their new savior as the Philadelphia Eagles moved up in the 2021 NFL draft to get DeVonta Smith. For a long time, the club has lacked a genuine No. 1 wide receiver, and that’s precisely what the Alabama product can develop into in midnight green.

Despite the fact that Smith was a top-tier NFL draft prospect this year, size worries followed him wherever he went. Many analysts were concerned that his 6-foot, 166-pound physique would not hold up in the NFL, and they may have been proved correct after just one week of training camp.

DeVonta Smith was selected by the Eagles despite the fact that his stature posed a danger.

DeVonta Smith suffered a sprained MCL in training camp.

DeVonta Smith suffered a sprained MCL in training camp. During training camp, DeVonta Smith of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Smith was a promising wide receiver prospect in the NFL draft of 2021. He possesses good hands, runs smooth, accurate routes, and has the ability to burst open a game at any moment. Last season, he also earned the Heisman Trophy and played a key role in Alabama’s national championship run.

What’s not to enjoy about that?

Smith’s excellent résumé seemed to have just one flaw: his stature. At the NFL Combine, he weighed in at 6-feet and 166 pounds, but it didn’t stop him from absolutely dominating the collegiate level over the last four years. Before the draft, Smith convinced first-round selection picks that his size would not be an issue at the next level.

“We participate in football. We’re in the business of football. We’re not lifting weights. During an interview on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football in April, Smith said, “We’re not bodybuilders.” “It’s football,” he says. That is why we are here. Everything else is beyond the point.”

The Eagles must have admired his self-assurance and productivity throughout his college career since they moved up two places in the first round to grab the outstanding wide receiver. Even still, they had to be concerned that Smith’s diminutive stature might come back to bother them.

Smith sprains his MCL during training camp.

DeVonta Smith, the Eagles’ first-round selection, has been updated: According to reports, he is likely to miss two to three weeks due to a sprained MCL. On Sunday, Smith had an MRI, which showed the damage.

August 2, 2021 — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)

Last Monday, Smith reported to his first NFL training camp as Philadelphia’s projected No. 1 wide receiver. During the first few days of camp, he received first-team repetitions and was often targeted in team drills by Jalen Hurts. Everything appeared to be going great for the rookie wide receiver.

Smith, on the other hand, departed practice early on Saturday due to an unexplained leg ailment. At first, the Eagles didn’t think Smith’s injury was severe, so he remained on the sidelines for the rest of practice.

Smith sustained a knee injury on Monday morning, according to ESPN’s Tim McManus, and is now classified week-to-week. Soon later, ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that the rookie wideout will be out for “two to three weeks” due to a sprained MCL.

It’s been a tough start to the week for the 2-1-5 Eagles, who may lose out on a first-round selection due to Carson Wentz’s recent foot injury.

The Eagles’ biggest worry about Smith is quickly becoming a reality.

Today’s practice will be without DeVonta Smith. He’s on the mend after a knee injury, according to the team. I’m sure he’ll miss a significant part (if not all) of training camp, which is terrible news for the #Eagles.

August 2, 2021 — Eliot Shorr-Parks (@EliotShorrParks)

With Smith, the Eagles believed they had a home run in the draft. The Eagles really needed to strike on a selection to help Hurts reach his full potential as a young quarterback, since they have failed hard to identify great wide outs via the draft in previous years. Smith, Hurts’ former colleague and the most complete receiver in the 2021 class, is a great match.

Philadelphia, on the other hand, was well aware of the dangers when it selected Smith with the 10th overall selection. Despite the fact that the team has been plagued by injuries in recent seasons, it chose the most vulnerable wideout at the top of the draft.

The Eagles must hope Smith can return to practice before Week 1 and remain healthy for the majority of his first season, or else he may not be the savior they expect.

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The Eagles made a big mistake by not signing Steve Smith to a long term contract. (In comparison, Ed Rendell would probably be the worst signing the team could have made.) Smith is exactly what the Eagles need: a speedy receiver that can catch the ball with his hands and is big enough to win jump balls. Smith will be able to take advantage of the holes that exist in the Eagles’ defense, and give them some much needed speed.. Read more about nfl news and let us know what you think.

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