The Philadelphia 76ers are in a tough spot. Their franchise player, Ben Simmons, is the face of the team and has been for years. But he’s also one of the most immature players in the league, which has led to some serious issues with his teammates.

The ben simmons stats is a problem that has been present for a while. The Philadelphia 76ers must alleviate a $2 million festering headache before mending the childish Ben Simmons drama.

This summer, Ben Simmons and his absurd demands have rendered the Philadelphia 76ers utterly immobile. President of basketball operations Daryl Morey and the rest of the front office are still focused on trading their disgruntled point guard for a good deal, but they now have another lingering problem in the form of a dissatisfied rookie.

Due to a contract disagreement, Charles Bassey, the 53rd overall selection in the 2021 NBA draft, has yet to join with the 76ers. The 76ers must put Simmons’ trade desire on hold with less than three weeks before training camp begins in order to secure Joel Embiid’s insurance policy at center.

Charles Bassey cost the 76ers $2 million.

Charles Bassey is causing another headache for the 76ers.

Charles Bassey is causing another headache for the 76ers. Charles Bassey of the Philadelphia 76ers poses for a picture during the NBA rookie photo session in 2021 | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Jaden Springer is, without a doubt, the best player in the Sixers’ 2021 draft class. Morey pounced at the chance to select an 18-year-old who can rapidly develop into a good role player off the bench when the sharpshooter from Tennessee dropped to Philadelphia at No. 28 overall.

Bassey, who was selected late in the second round, was a less interesting — but perhaps just as crucial — choice.

Bassey, a top 10 recruit coming out of high school and a powerful big man out of Western Kentucky, was selected by the 76ers after paying the New Orleans Pelicans $2 million for the 53rd overall selection. Last season, Bassey averaged 17.6 points per game for the Hilltoppers. He also averaged 11.6 rebounds and 3.1 blocks per game, which was good for sixth in the nation (which ranked fourth).

Morey is hopeful that Bassey can pick up some tips from Embiid and serve as a useful insurance policy if the All-Star center is out for any reason this season. However, he must be on the roster in order for it to happen.

Due to a thorny contract disagreement, Bassey remains unsigned.

The #sixers paid $2 million for the 53rd selection in the draft, which they used to choose Charles Bassey. Despite this, Bassey is still unsigned two weeks before camp. Why? Where have discussions come to a halt?

In a #sixers mailbag, there’s also some advice on what to look for in a Simmons trade:

September 13, 2021 — Derek Bodner (@DerekBodnerNBA)

Springer was signed to a rookie deal by Philadelphia in August, but Bassey is still unsigned with the start of the 2021 NBA season less than a month away.

Bassey’s camp is seeking a multi-year deal with two years guaranteed, according to Derek Bodner of The Athletic. The 76ers have offered the rookie center a three-year contract, according to Bodner, but they haven’t been prepared to give more than one year guaranteed. Most late second-round picks sign two-way contracts before their rookie seasons, thus any guarantee gives them an edge over the other players selected in that bracket.

The clock is ticking for Philadelphia to secure their $2 million first-round selection.

Before returning to Ben Simmons’ juvenile drama, the 76ers must solve Bassey’s ailment.

It must be difficult for the Sixers to concentrate on anything other than Ben Simmons right now. The great point guard is ready to go… right now. With four years and more than $146 million left on Simmons’ deal, the 76ers are under tremendous pressure to either cut him or persuade him to stay for at least another season.

The squad, on the other hand, cannot afford to get so engrossed in the Simmons story that they forget about Bassey’s contract predicament. The Western Kentucky graduate has a chance to make an impact as a rookie, but he’ll need to put pen to paper if he wants to do so. Even if it means signing Bassey to his one-year, non-guaranteed necessary tender (which would make him a free agent next summer), the Sixers need to lock down their rookie before training camp begins.

In the present condition of the NBA, clubs cannot afford to lose $2 million in salary and precious draft capital over a simple contract disagreement. If they can acquire Bassey, they’ll be able to return their attention to the juvenile controversy surrounding their immature point guard.

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The Philadelphia 76ers are in a difficult situation with their star player, Ben Simmons. They must alleviate the $2 million festering headache before mending the childish drama that is currently going on. Reference: ben simmons maya jama.

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