Since Russell Wilson’s rookie season in 2012, the Seattle Seahawks have made it a priority to keep their star quarterback happy. They’ve traded for and extended the contracts of Marshawn Lynch and Percy Harvin, and they’ve also given Wilson the richest contract in NFL history. But, now, Wilson is in the final year of his deal, and he’s asking for $20 million a year. And while the Seahawks are unlikely to let Wilson leave, they might have to sweeten the pot to keep him in Seattle.

The Seattle Seahawks are in danger of losing their best player, star quarterback Russell Wilson, and the franchise’s best chance at a win in recent years. With the Super Bowl behind them and a broken leg to blame, the team has reportedly asked Wilson to take a pay cut, and he’s refused.

Russell Wilson was as polarizing a figure as a player could possibly be last season. The former Super-Bowl-winning quarterback was a hero for his role in the team’s Super Bowl XLVIII victory, but he also pissed away the goodwill earned by leading his team to a second-consecutive Super Bowl appearance with senseless contract demands. Indeed, the small-market Seahawks were in a difficult situation when it came to keeping their star quarterback—Wilson is the highest-paid player at the position, but he’s also the most-coveted in free agency, with the Broncos and Jets already reportedly sniffing around the quarterback.

In the 2021 NFL offseason, Aaron Rodgers significantly changed the Green Bay Packers’ plans by refusing to return to Wisconsin. Elsewhere in the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson apparently avoided a $140 million disaster. Heading into 2021, Wilson doesn’t seem happy with his current employer; there was even talk of him wanting to switch to another team. That drama seems to be in the past now, though, as the quarterback is happy with the way Seattle spent the offseason.

Russell Wilson seemed ready to leave Seattle earlier this year

. When the Seahawks extended Wilson’s $140 million contract in April 2019, they planned to keep the talented quarterback in Seattle for the foreseeable future. In 2021, however, it nearly collapsed prematurely. Early in the season, news came out of the Pacific Northwest that Wilson was not happy with his offensive line. The quarterback also wanted more say in personnel decisions and reportedly even questioned Pete Carroll’s role in the evolution of the franchise. While everyone in the quarterback camp has avoided the call for a trade, a list has surfaced of teams Wilson is willing to play for. But as we all know, none of these measures have been implemented. While an unsatisfactory move isn’t always the end of the story – tensions can continue to simmer under the surface – Seattle seems to have dodged a serious bullet. According to a recent report, Wilson has a good feeling about the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle dodged a $140 million bullet by shutting down theirquarterback

word-image-12137 word-image-12138 Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson throws a pass during the 2020 NFL season. | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images From a cynical standpoint, you could say that Wilson didn’t really want to leave Seattle, but just wanted to push through the offseason. Whether that’s true or not, the quarterback would have appreciated the team’s efforts. It started in free agency, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler told SportsCenter, as reported by Bleacher Report. I heard Russell Wilson was very happy with what Seattle did to get linebacker Gabe Jackson, tight end Gerald Everett and a receiver in the draft. In addition to these personnel changes, Carroll has also tried to improve his relationship with his quarterback. It wasn’t necessarily long heart-to-heart talks, but constant contact over the last few weeks to see how we could improve, Fowler added. So that may not be everything, but it’s definitely a good thing at this point. From an asset management perspective, this is good news for Seattle. When you spend $140 million on a player – let alone a quarterback – you do so because he can lead a franchise to the promised land. If the Seahawks consider themselves contenders for the Super Bowl, losing the quarterback would immediately close that window.

Russell Wilson’s relationship with the Seattle Seahawks still needs attention

According to Fowler’s information, things are looking good for the Seahawks and their star quarterback. But, as the reporter noted, things may be far from over. Wilson wanted help on the offensive line and got Gabe Jackson; although he’s a capable player, the Seahawks can’t boast of acquiring an All-Pro level left guard. Gerald Everett has caught just 86 passes for 972 yards and seven touchdowns in his NFL career, and D’Wayne Eskridge, a second-round receiver, has little chance of becoming a world star. Judging from these repetitions, it seems that the main factor that made Wilson change his mind was the dialogue with Carroll. This is all well and good, but it remains to be seen how things will develop as the season progresses. If the Seahawks are in a tough situation and keep running the ball instead of throwing it, no amount of talking will calm the quarterback down. If you look at the NFC and see what’s going on in Green Bay, you can’t say the Seahawks didn’t dodge a bullet by beating Wilson. But in terms of dodging a bullet, the phrase implies failure. If nothing changes in the long run, Seattle may be out of luck by 2022. COMPARED TO: Russell Wilson will be the next player to incur the wrath of Terry Bradshaw. Shut up, play quarterbackIn the NFL, you can spend your way into post-season glory. In Seattle, it seems like you can spend your way out of the playoffs. After the Seahawks signed quarterback Russell Wilson to a $140 million contract extension last week, it seemed like a colossus had been constructed around the franchise quarterback. So how did a team that has never made the post-season managed to lose two games in a row?. Read more about update on russell wilson and let us know what you think.

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