The Wizards are finally healthy after a few serious injuries and could be looking to sign Bradley Beal this summer. The cap space that the Wizards have would allow them to make one of the biggest player moves in recent NBA history, as well as compete for home court advantage with LeBron James on their roster.

The “bradley beal trade” is a rumor that has been floating around for the past few days. The Wizards are finally healthy and suddenly have assets to make an impact move.

The Wizards Are Finally Healthy and Suddenly Have Assets to Make an Impact Move to Help Bradley Beal

The Washington Wizards have regained their health. It couldn’t have come at a better time, with little over three weeks before the NBA trade deadline.

After a Martin Luther King Jr. Day win against the Philadelphia 76ers, Washington is the Eastern Conference’s No. 8 seed. After a 10-3 start, the Wizards’ defense has deteriorated, but they still have Bradley Beal and an improved Kyle Kuzma at the helm.

For the Wizards, the next two weeks are crucial. If Beal opts to become a free agency at the conclusion of the season, Washington may have to consider dealing him in order to avoid receiving nothing in return. The return of a few important performers, on the other hand, provides general manager Tommy Sheppard with some alternatives ahead of the deadline.

The Wizards have reintroduced Thomas Bryant and Rui Hachimura to their rotation.

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The Wizards had been waiting a long time for the return of two young players. They’ve returned at long last.

Rui Hachimura, a third-year forward, returned to the squad on Jan. 9 after missing practically the entire first half of the season due to a personal situation. He seemed to be relieved as well.

Meanwhile, after suffering a ruptured ACL in January, big player Thomas Bryant had not played basketball in a complete calendar year. Bryant finally broke his drought on Jan. 12 when he played just under 12 minutes and hit both of his field goals in a victory against the Orlando Magic.

Wes Unseld Jr., the Wizards’ head coach, has a lot on his plate now that Hachimura and Bryant have joined the team. Washington has plenty of frontcourt depth, but both players will need to get time with the starters as well as the second unit.

In the short term, reuniting Hachimura and Bryant causes some discomfort. They do, however, provide the Wizards greater leeway in terms of going all-in ahead of the NBA trade deadline.

The Wizards have a plethora of frontcourt options.

Sheppard has the option of trading any number of assets before the NBA trade deadline. The Wizards may decide to deal many young players.

Bryant made a name for himself with the Wizards as a floor-spacing big man who could make an impact as a rim-roller and baseline cutter while also putting in a lot of work on the offensive glass. After averaging 13.2 points and 7.2 rebounds the previous season, he averaged 14.3 points and 6.1 rebounds in 2020-21 before sustaining an ACL injury.

The 24-year-attacking old’s style differs from those of Montrezl Harrell and Daniel Gafford. However, Gafford’s outstanding defensive worth and Harrell’s contagious enthusiasm and ability to score off the bench may make them almost indispensible.

As a result, the Wizards may attempt to move Bryant. He has an expiring contract, so any club searching for a young frontcourt player would almost surely take a chance on him in the hopes of signing him to a somewhat less expensive deal this summer.

Both Hachimura and Deni Avdija may be available for trade. Last season, Hachimura made strides as a midrange scorer, scoring from the low block or facing up. His offensive limitations and troubles from beyond the arc, on the other hand, restrict his potential.

Avdija is a superior defender who can also handle the ball, yet it’s difficult to say which position he would be most suited to in the future. He hasn’t showed much offensive progress and is unable to generate much for himself, but it’s crucial to remember that he is just 21 years old.

Avdija was a DNP on Monday due to Washington’s depth, and Kuzma’s rise and switchability make his future in The District look uncertain. A rebuilding club may take a chance on him making progress with more use.

Those three youths provide a figurative trough from which the Wizards may trade. If they want to make a win-now move, they’ll have to use every resource at their disposal.

The Wizards’ approach to the NBA trade deadline might be determined by Bradley Beal’s future.

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal shoots a free throw during an NBA game against the Philadelphia 76ers

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal shoots a free throw during an NBA game against the Philadelphia 76ers On January 17, 2022, Bradley Beal attempts a foul shot against the Philadelphia 76ers | Getty Images/Mitchell Layton

Bradley Beal will very certainly dictate how the Wizards proceed at the NBA trade deadline.

If he rejects his player option, the talented combo guard may become a free agency this summer. Beal looks to be on the verge of inking a $235 million supermax deal. The movements Sheppard takes before the deadline might determine whether he re-signs with Washington.

The Wizards might benefit from wingers who can play many positions. They might still be looking for a playmaker in the backcourt.

Jerami Grant and Harrison Barnes would be a good match for what Washington is looking for. Barnes’ defensive stats are particularly bad, but he’d provide the Wizards with some much-needed perimeter shooting. Grant has the ability to spread the floor and defend many spots. If the Boston Celtics trade at least one of their senior players, keep an eye on swingman Josh Richardson.

It’s unclear how the Wizards will approach the trade market. Regardless, Washington can use its depth to make an impact trade and persuade Beal that the team would go to any length to win.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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