The New England Patriots’ Super Bowl XLIX winning quarterback Tom Brady has a reputation for being a stickler for a diet that is low on dairy and low on carbs. And while Brady has had the occasional pizza or cheeseburger over the years, a recent interview with ESPN suggests he is more likely to indulge in greasy food when his team is playing a big game.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is known for his strict diet. While Brady’s diet has focused on avoiding junk food, there are still some foods that he likes to eat. One of those “cheat” foods is pizza. In fact, the quarterback is so addicted to the cheesy, doughy food that he has resorted to ordering it secretly.

Tom Brady has been a bit of a legend in sports, particularly in regards to his diet. He’s known for sticking to a strict diet, and you could say he’s very health conscious. We’ve seen him post photos of his meals and shakes, and many people think he’s too strict. In fact, he’s so strict that he’s known to cheat on his diet sometimes with pizza and cheeseburgers.

Tom Brady has long been renowned for his very rigorous diet, which allows him to maintain his physique in peak condition. You’d think Brady’s eating habits, which have been well documented in recent years, would make him burst at the sight of a carb-laden pizza or a fatty cheeseburger, but they are actually typical cheat meals for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.

Tom Brady’s rigorous dietary regimen

For the most of his NFL career, Brady has adhered to a very rigorous diet. What do you think he looks like now that he’s 43 years old?

Brady strives to avoid any sweets and eats mainly natural things that come straight from the soil in order to remain in excellent condition. Brady gets around 80% of his calories from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes, with the remaining 20% coming from meats like chicken and fish.

Allen Campbell, Brady’s former personal chef, revealed his strict restrictions to’s Hilary Sargent in 2016.

“There will be no white sugar.” There is no white flour in this recipe. “No MSG,” Campbell said emphatically. “I’ll use raw olive oil, but I never use it to cook with. I exclusively use coconut oil in my cooking. Trans fats are formed when fats such as canola oil are heated. As a sodium source, I use Himalayan pink salt. I never use iodized salt in my cooking.

“Nightshades are not anti-inflammatory, so [Tom] avoids them. As a result, no tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, or eggplants are allowed. Tomatoes arrive every now and again, but just once a month or so. When it comes to tomatoes, I’m extremely careful. They irritate the body.

“Is there anything else?” There will be no coffee. There is no caffeine in this product. There is no fungus. “There will be no dairy.”

Isn’t that normal?

Brady indulges in pizza and cheeseburgers on a daily basis, breaking his rigorous diet.

Tom Brady cheats on his strict diet all the time.

Tom Brady cheats on his strict diet all the time. Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers grins backstage at UFC 261 | Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

We’ve come to believe that Brady refuses to let a single potato chip or piece of chocolate enter his body because of the ripple effects they might cause. But according to Alex Guerrero — Brady’s trainer, business partner, and dietary guru — the QB actually cheats on his supposedly strict diet all the time.

Guerrero stated on the most recent edition of The Adam Schefter Podcast, “He likes pizza and I would say he loves a very nice cheeseburger.”

Cheating is common when Brady sustains an injury and gets agitated, according to Guerrero. Brady needed a delicious pizza to dull the agony after hurting his hand in practice before to the 2018 AFC Championship Game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Guerrero said, “That day he hurt himself, and the day after that, we were sort of helping him through the emotions of what had just happened.”

Brady’s diet, according to Guerrero, has been exaggerated.

In recent years, the story surrounding Brady’s diet has taken on a life of its own, but Guerrero said that it isn’t as crazy as everyone thinks.

“We didn’t follow a rigorous diet. That’s not who we are. “We have a good balance,” he added. “We do things all the time to assist our bodies remain in balance. So, if we feel like heating up a pizza and eating it, we’ll do it. We’ll make him a cheeseburger if he wants one.

“We aren’t as obnoxious as everyone has said. It isn’t all that bad.”

Brady is, after all, a human being.

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