This strategy is a widely-used method of attacking that some players use when they are playing an RPG game or any other type of turn-based battle. This technique can be used to recruit characters from the opposing team, which allows one’s own party members to fight without worry.

The “triangle strategy recruitment guide” is a strategy for recruiting all characters in the game. This article will teach you how to recruit all characters in the game and get them on your side.

Triangle Strategy: How to Recruit All Characters

At least on your first playtime, Triangle Strategy recruiting is a bit of a mystery. Characters are influenced by significant decisions you make, and you never know which choices will take you down which road.

This is amplified when you consider the people connected to the game’s Convictions system, the finer nuances of which aren’t revealed until your second playing. This Triangle Strategy character recruiting guide cuts through the haze and explains what you need to accomplish for each character.

Triangle Strategy: How to Recruit All Characters


Triangle Strategy includes two strategies for attracting new members. The first is automated, as part of the main tale, a few fresh troops join your cause. The second is a little trickier, and it includes the mysterious Convictions system, which existed until New Game Plus. After you complete their Conviction criteria, the majority of Triangle Strategy’s recruitable characters become accessible in Character Stories. 

They’ll immediately join if you look at their side storylines from the globe map. The difficulty is that until you’ve cleared the game once, you can’t know your current standing in the three Conviction categories — Liberty, Morality, and Utility – so it’s a bit of a guessing game until then. 

The Triangle Strategy Recruits

These are the characters that will be added to the campaign automatically. You won’t be able to acquire every character in one playing since most of them join during some of Triangle Strategy’s branching missions. Please note that this list contains some plot spoilers.

Characters in Chapter 3

  • Visit Aesfrost instead of Hyzante, says Rudolph the archer.
  • Visit Hyzante instead of Aesfrost, says Corentin the ice magician.

Characters in Chapter 11

The decisions you make in this chapter will not yield fruit until Chapter 15.

  • The Rosellans must be delivered, says Travis the bandit.
  • Defend the Rosellans, says Trish, the bandit’s daughter.

Characters in Chapter 15

This is also the chapter in which Travis or Trish will join your crew.

  • Return to Wolffort’s demesne, Milo the dancer.
  • Cleric Cordelia: Remain in Whiteholm.

Characters in Chapter 17

  • Only if you’ve unlocked the Golden Ending, Avlora.

Optional Characters for the Triangle Strategy


The majority of the characters in Triangle Strategy are optional, and you can only recruit them if you satisfy their Conviction criteria. The advancement of the story seems to be unimportant in this case. Julio may be recruited as early as Chapter 5 and as late as Chapter 12. When a new one is available to see, the Character Stories prompt will show on the map screen.


  • Ability: Has the ability to cast spells of any element.
  • 110 Morality, 275 Liberty, 110 Morality, 110 Morality, 110 Morality, 110 Morality, 110


  • Aptitude: She has the ability to duplicate herself and increase the range of assault items she may use.
  • Liberty has 450 recruits.


  • Aptitude: Reduces opponent TP while providing additional TP to your troops.
  • Morality is worth 275 points, whereas utility is worth 110 points.


  • When conducting a follow-up assault, she has the ability to heal teammates as well as herself.
  • 275 Utility, 110 Liberty, 275 Utility, 110 Liberty, 275 Utility, 110 Liberty, 275


  • Aptitude: Can build traps and towers, as well as ladders to make climbing simpler.
  • 450 Morality is needed for recruitment.


  • Aptitude: Uses things twice in one round and makes healing items more effective.
  • Morality is worth 500 points, while Liberty is worth 400 points.


  • Aptitude: Can cast powerful, far-reaching lightning and wind spells.
  • 400 Utilities and 500 Liberty are being recruited.


  • Ability: Can incite or persuade adversaries to abandon the battlefield.
  • 400 Liberty is looking for recruits.


  • Aptitude: Bow strikes have a longer range and do more damage to opponents that are farther away.
  • Morality is worth 400 points, while utility is worth 500 points.


  • Ability: After escaping close-range strikes, may slip behind adversaries and execute a counter.
  • There are 1,050 Utility and 750 Liberty recruits.


  • When assaulted from the front, Aptitude attracts opponent assaults and boosts protection. 
  • Morality has 1,050 recruits, whereas Liberty has 750.


  • Ability: Increases ally speed and can go back in time to the previous turn.
  • 1,600 people are needed for utility work.


  • Aptitude: Immune to status diseases and employs abilities that are activated in proportion to the target’s HP.
  • Morality (recruitment): 1,600


  • Ability: Abilities have different effects based on the tile you’re targeting.
  • Liberty has 1,600 recruits.

That’s all you need to know about recruiting characters in Triangle Strategy. Some are better than others depending on your playing style. For further information, see our tier list. You’ll also need to promote squad members, which we discuss here. Check out our other Triangle Strategy tutorials for additional information.

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