Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently said he would not be opposed to a front office job for Troy Aikman. Aikman responded by saying, “I’m going to say this very respectfully and I know it’s a sensitive subject,” before adding that he has been paid $7.5 million over the course of his career.

Troy Aikman, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who is now an announcer for Fox Sports, has made a reference to his $7.5 million salary in response to thoughts on a Dallas Cowboys front office job.

Being a quarterback is a profession that leads to opportunities when you retire. Troy Aikman, a Hall of Fame quarterback, retired from the NFL following the 2000 season. He has, nevertheless, remained in the public eye since then. After his football career finished, Aikman moved into broadcasting.

Despite the fact that his broadcasting career has lasted almost twice as long as his playing career, Aikman remains strongly connected with the Cowboys. Cowboys supporters still hold him in high esteem after he guided the club to three Super Bowl victories. In fact, there has long been speculation that he will become the Cowboys’ general manager. This does not seem to be probable, and money is a role.

Troy Aikman, the Cowboys’ general manager, may be considered by Jerry Jones.

NFL on FOX personality Troy Aikman watches warmups prior to a game between the Carolina Panthers and the Houston Texans

NFL on FOX personality Troy Aikman watches warmups prior to a game between the Carolina Panthers and the Houston Texans NFL on FOX’s Troy Aikman | Bob Levey/Getty Images

Aikman joining the Cowboys’ front office isn’t a new subject. Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ longtime owner, is well aware that the team hasn’t won a Super Bowl in almost three decades. He wants to acquire another one as soon as possible, despite the fact that he is 78 years old. Jones previously said that he would “do everything known to man” to return to a Super Bowl, much less win one.

It’s possible to accomplish this objective by hiring Aikman for a front-office position. Jones has said that “if we were going to make a choice as far as football people,” he would “place Troy at the top of the list.” Aikman, for one, seems to be interested in becoming a general manager in the future.

The 54-year-old has previously mentioned the idea, including in 2019. “I’ve said many, many times, I still feel there’s another frontier for me — maybe there isn’t — but I believe there is, and I think that could very well be it,” Aikman remarked at the time.

If he’s referring to anything other than broadcasting, he’s probably referring to working in a front office. Jones, on the other hand, is unlikely to employ Aikman because, in the quarterback’s own words, the Cowboys are “a family affair.” Every year, Jones’ son Stephen seems to acquire greater influence over the business.

Reporters continue to question Aikman about his role in the Cowboys’ front office.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kT6 gET3dQ

Despite the fact that it’s doubtful that Aikman would ever join the Cowboys’ front office, reporters continue to question him whether he’d be interested in becoming the team’s general manager. In July, one reporter asked Aikman about the Cowboys and Jones, saying, “One of us may question whether you would ever contemplate bringing in an outside GM… for example, someone like Troy Aikman.”

He referred to his work with Fox Sports and how profitable it is for him in his answer. “That job I got over there at Fox is really nice,” he said. “Are you aware of how excellent that Fox job is?” He didn’t entirely rule out the idea, though, adding, “Maybe one day.”

What is Troy Aikman’s salary at Fox Sports?

When Aikman speaks about how “wonderful” his job with Fox is, he may be referring to the fact that he only works a couple of days a week during the season and has few other obligations in the summer.

The only “positive” aspect of his present job is the money. Last year, Touchdown Wire claimed that Aikman “earns about $7.5 million a year,” which is a good salary given his low workload.

Aikman also won’t have to deal with the attention and criticism that general managers get from fans and the media. Aikman’s net worth is believed to be about $50 million, based on the millions he made as a player and the money he’s made in 20 years at Fox.

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The Tony Romo salary is the amount of money that Tony Romo makes for playing football. Troy Aikman, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, made $7.5 million in 2016. Reference: tony romo salary.

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