The Tunic Guide is a resource for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team that includes all ability cards, player locations and more.

The “tunic game ability cards list” is a guide that will show you all the ability cards and their locations.

TUNIC Guide: All Ability Cards & Locations



In TUNIC, players may uncover unique ability cards that enhance certain talents, which can be quite useful throughout your walkthrough. These cards may be discovered everywhere across TUNIC, and they are generally cleverly concealed.

Our guide will provide you a list of all the ability cards in TUNIC as well as pointers on where to locate them. You don’t have to locate them all, but on Page 51 of your guide, search for the ones that best match your playstyle.

TUNIC’s Ability Cards and Locations

Ring of Peril in Orange

  • When your health is low, this effect increases your attack.
  • Location: In the Dark Tomb, above the first ladder.

Ring of Cyan Peril

  • When your health is low, this effect boosts your defense.
  • Location: At the West Garden, near the hero’s tomb.

Inverting the ash

  • All HP potions become MP potions as a result of this effect.
  • The northeastern portion of the Overworld is where you’ll find yourself.


  • Movement Speed is somewhat boosted as a result of this effect.
  • The location is at the Forest Fortress, behind the hero’s burial.


  • Effect: Increased stamina recovery.
  • In the Swamp, up the ladder that leads to the skull area.


  • Effect: Attack is boosted, but defense is lowered.
  • Location: Behind a towering green Envoy on the western side of the Ruined Atoll.


  • Effect: Lowers the cost of blocking in terms of endurance.
  • In the Ruined Atoll, near the dead end of the secondary entrance.

Lucky Cup

  • Enemies lose health hearts as a result of this effect (15 percent chance).
  • The southern portion of the Overworld is where you’ll find this creature.

Bell Muffling

  • The range of enemy detection is reduced as a result of this effect.
  • Location: Under the Eastern Vault, below the waterfall.

Louder Reverberation

  • Damage and radius of echo-of-soul have been increased.
  • The Flooded Well is located in the northern corner.

Mask of the Scavenger

  • Effect: Miasma and HP drain protection.
  • During the main plot quest, you’ll find yourself in the monastery.

Strap with a dagger

  • The time it takes to cast a magic dagger is decreased.
  • Location: In the Swamp, south of the checkpoint.

Echoes of Magic

  • The effect of Echo-of-Soul is that it recovers MP.
  • At the southern entrance to the Ruined Atoll.

Sword of Fire

  • Effect: Sword enrages adversaries, but HP is reduced to one.
  • Behind the closed door in the southeastern region of the Overworld.

The Gem of Aura

  • The Parry time window is somewhat enlarged as a result of this.
  • The Quarry’s northeastern corner is where you’ll find it.

The Bone

  • Effect: During dodge rolls, your invincibility is doubled.
  • Location: Behind the wall at the flower-covered rock in the northern part of the Ruined Atoll.

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Those are TUNIC’s Ability Cards and Locations. For more TUNIC tips and tricks articles, please visit our dedicated hub page.

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