Some are speculating that James Robinson’s bizarre usage was a “sign of the times” following Urban Meyer’s back to his puzzling ways after perplexing comments. The Ohio State coach has been keeping things close to the vest since he returned from his suspension for mishandling domestic violence allegations. Some believe there is a deeper story in this, but it remains unclear what exactly Meyer meant when he said “we’re not here because we want you to like us.”

Urban Meyer, the head coach of Ohio State University football team, is back to his puzzling ways after perplexing comments following James Robinson’s bizarre usage. Read more in detail here: urban meyer nfl.

Urban Meyer Is Back to His Puzzling Ways After Perplexing Comments Following James Robinson's Bizarre Usage

When will the Urban Meyer saga come to a close? Meyer does not seem to be suited to be an NFL head coach, as the Jacksonville Jaguars circus continues. Trevor Lawrence is a shadow of his former self, and the Jaguars are once again in danger of finishing worst in the NFL.

Meyer isn’t doing himself any favors, and his latest use of James Robinson further emphasizes the need for him to go.

Once again, the Jaguars mishandled the James Robinson issue.

RB #Jaguars James Robinson (heel, knee) is a game-time decision today, according to a source, and although it was expected that he wouldn’t play for the most of the week, Robinson is feeling better and has a realistic shot. The pre-game exercise is crucial.

5 December 2021 — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)

The Jaguars’ main running back was out all week with an injury, but he was able to play against the Rams on Sunday.

Regardless, he received the start, albeit he didn’t get much time on the field. Robinson fumbled on the Jaguar offense’s opening drive of the game and was promptly benched for 26 consecutive plays.

Meyer was attempting to send a message after Robinson fumbled for the second week in a row, and it didn’t make sense.

Things became even more perplexing when Robinson entered the game during garbage time and tallied up a few more carries. Why bother at that point?

Meyer attempted to explain the issue, but his remarks just made matters more odd.

“That’s an excellent question,” Urban Meyer said when I questioned him about it today. RB coach Bernie Parmalee may have wanted to get Robinson a couple more totes at that moment, according to Meyer. Meyer answered, “I’d agree,” when I suggested it didn’t seem sensible.

December 6, 2021 — Michael DiRocco (@ESPNdirocco)

What’s going on in Jacksonville these days?

It simply keeps getting worse and uglier, with Meyer and his staff involved in yet another ludicrous coaching problem. Meyer claimed earlier this year that he didn’t know why Robinson wasn’t in the game due to yet another strange circumstance.

Meyer’s remarks, as well as others, are now available.

RB James Robinson’s 20-play absence after his fumble was not due to a benching, according to Jaguars coach Urban Meyer, but rather to an injury. “Oh, definitely,” Meyer answered when I asked whether Robinson would have returned to the field after his fumble if he hadn’t been wounded.

December 6, 2021 — Michael DiRocco (@ESPNdirocco)

Seriously, what are you talking about?

This is all illogical, and Meyer’s befuddlement rings true once again.

You name it: confusing, baffling, befuddling. Meyer and his dreadful coaching job at Jacksonville may be described in a variety of ways.

Is he in any way in charge of what’s going on? It doesn’t seem to be the case, and the Jaguars may need to call time on this experiment at the conclusion of the season.

James Robinson weighed in on the subject, claiming that Urban Meyer had benched him.

Jaguars HC Urban Meyer is back with more comments.

Jaguars HC Urban Meyer is back with more comments. Urban Meyer, head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars | Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This, yet again, makes no sense. Robinson seemed to have been benched for fumbling, but Meyer said it was due to his injury.

But, in what has been a disappointing season for him, the Jaguars running back stepped in with his own opinions on the matter.

For the fumble, it certainly seemed like a benching. Why would Meyer send Robinson back in with the game tied at 30 in the fourth quarter if it was due to his injury?

Who is it that does it?

Meyer, it seems, does. Despite this, he is swiftly burning bridges and irritating his teammates. The locker room seems to be a lost cause, and owner Shad Khan will have to make a major choice once the season ends.

It’s just getting worse, and we haven’t even mentioned the Jaguars’ trade of Gardner Minshew for pennies on the dollar.

When will the Meyer era in Jacksonville come to an end?

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