The reigning Eastern Conference Champions are looking to make some changes after a disappointing season. That might mean trading some of their current stars like Trae Young, John Collins, and Taurean Prince for future assets or taking a more conservative approach to free agency with their remaining veterans. In the meantime, there’s still a lot to be excited about as the Atlanta Hawks signed John Collins to a five-year, $125 million extension this summer.

The Hawks gave up the most wing age in the NBA this past year, and the team’s two-way star guard John Collins was a key to that youth movement. But will it continue? The Hawks will be a player in the summer of 2019, but which of their young players do they wish to retain? Which ones do they want to dump? And most importantly, which players will they resign? Inside The A, we dig in to uncover all the latest in the Hawks’ roster.

After John Collins signed his five-year, $125 million contract with the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday, the conversation naturally turned to the future for the team. Based on the contract, the Hawks appear to be content to maintain their status as a low-reward, low risk team. It’s a strategy that has worked well for them in the past, and it’s a philosophy that should continue to work well in the future.. Read more about john collins hawks and let us know what you think.

The Atlanta Hawks have agreed to a new deal with restricted free agency forward John Collins, keeping a crucial member of their youthful core.

Collins, who was drafted one year before the Hawks chose franchise phenom Trae Young, has been one of Atlanta’s few constants. The team’s dynamic combination has been Young and Collins, and the franchise continues to develop around them.

However, as the Hawks move from NBA irrelevance to Eastern Conference contender, they continue to acquire components via the draft and free agency. However, the bill is always due, literally in this instance. Atlanta will now be cap-strapped in the future as it attempts to keep the remainder of its young, promising squad.

Collins’ new contract keeps one of Atlanta’s brightest rising talents in the city.

John Collins celebrates with teammates during a game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

John Collins celebrates with teammates during a game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Atlanta Hawks’ John Collins celebrates with teammates | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Collins has been one of the team’s top offensive players since being selected, and he’s gotten better each season.

In his freshman season, the Wake Forest product averaged 10.5 points per game on 57.6% shooting and 34% three-point shooting. He increased his scoring to 19.5 points per game in his second season while staying efficient, shooting 56 percent from the field and 34.8 percent from beyond the arc.

His greatest offensive season came in 2019-20. Collins, who averaged 21.6 points per game on 58.3 percent shooting, also became a 40 percent long-range shooter. Last season, his statistics dropped as Young’s rose, but he remained the Hawks’ second-leading scorer.

Atlanta’s ability to use the rest of its squad is hampered by Collins’ contract.

Collins and the Hawks have agreed to a five-year, $125 million contract deal, according to ESPN. It is expected to retain the forward in Atlanta until at least 2024-25. A player option for the fifth season is allegedly included in the contract.

Young also agreed to a five-year, $172.55 million contract deal, which will begin next season. Collins’ contract terms haven’t been released yet, but assuming a $25 million-per-year average, he and Young would earn almost $55 million combined in 2022-23.

Last summer, Atlanta signed guard Bogdan Bogdanovic to a four-year, $72 million deal and added veteran forward Danilo Gallinari. The Hawks signed center Clint Capela to a five-year, $90 million deal after acquiring him from the Houston Rockets.

With eight players on its current roster, Atlanta is expected to have about $20 million in cap space in 2022-23.

Things start to become tricky in the next season. De’Andre Hunter and Cam Reddish were selected by the Hawks in the 2019 draft. Hunter quickly established himself as a starter and one of Atlanta’s top players, while Reddish joined the club late last season and played a key role in the team’s playoff run.

The Hawks will have to make Hunter a qualifying offer of more than $12 million and Reddish a qualifying offer of more than $8 million in order to retain them. However, both players will be unrestricted free agents the following year, so Atlanta will have to pay for one or both of them if it wants to retain two more members of its up-and-coming core. Capela is a free agency after the 2023 season, but when he arrived from Houston, he immediately became the Hawks’ missing piece. Atlanta has the option of re-signing him as well.

Young, Bogdanovic, and Collins’ contracts will all remain on the books for the Hawks.

The Hawks’ cap position in the future is an issue, but it’s a good one.

The franchise’s cornerstone is Young. Collins has been his running partner from the beginning. Bogdanovic is now the team’s third-best player. Hunter has the ability to be a multiple-time all-star. Between Young and Collins, Capela has been a great match. Reddish joined the team late last season and has the potential to grow into a starter three-and-D winger. With his performance against the Milwaukee Bucks in the conference finals, last year’s first-round selection Onyeka Okongwu shown that he deserved a position.

Any team would be ecstatic to have Atlanta’s pool of youthful talent. However, this has its own set of difficulties, as Atlanta will have to pick amongst its youthful assets. The club has picked one of them by signing Collins to a new contract, but it leaves the future even more unclear.

Basketball-Reference provided all statistics, while Spotrac provided salary cap information.

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