Sports is a field that has been defined by its rules, regulations, and traditions. There are many different ways to play the game, but only one way to win. It’s up to athletes to find their own unique path to victory.

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LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, according to their detractors, have one major flaw: they’re old – like really old. Age may be a problem on the court in a variety of ways. Los Angeles’ players may not be as athletic as they once were, and they’re also more prone to injury, so their lack of youth may be a major factor in their demise this season.

However, it may have a role in their success.

In fact, one of the team’s numerous newcomers, Carmelo Anthony, recently said that the Lakers had the “most expertise” in the NBA.

The Lakers and LeBron James are both in their late thirties.

Los Angeles Lakers stars Anthony Davis and LeBron James during the 2021 NBA playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers stars Anthony Davis and LeBron James during the 2021 NBA playoffs. On June 3, 2021, the Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James (from right) and Anthony Davis high five before a game against the Phoenix Suns. | Getty Images/Harry How

We’re all aware of LeBron James’ current situation. James is attempting to equal Kobe Bryant in terms of championships, as he enters his 19th season with a chance to win his fifth championship. James will be 37 months old a few months after the season begins.

So, the Lakers are already led by an elderly superstar, but despite totally overhauling their team this summer, they’ve somehow aged even more.

The Lakers currently have Carmelo Anthony (37), Trevor Ariza (36), Rajon Rondo (35), Dwight Howard (35), DeAndre Jordan (33), Wayne Ellington (33), Russell Westbrook (32), and Kent Bazemore (32), in addition to James (and Anthony Davis, who is just 28 years old) (32). Along with Talen Horton-Tucker (20), LA has acquired a handful of younger players in Kendrick Nunn (26) and Malik Monk (23), but the team still has nine players who are 32 years old or older. That certainly qualifies them as the league’s oldest squad.

Is this, however, what makes them the smartest?

Carmelo Anthony said that the Los Angeles Lakers had “the greatest information” in the NBA.

Carmelo Anthony had a distinguished NBA career, having been named to 10 All-Star teams and six All-NBA teams. He hasn’t won a championship yet, therefore he’s trying to do it now with the Lakers.

Anthony just went on First Take to talk about his new squad, and he appears to believe that their youth will help them.

On the Sept. 14 show, Anthony remarked to Stephen A. Smith, “We old as hell, Steve, you know that, in basketball sense.” “However, I believe that what we all bring to the table is a knowledge that many people lack. The way we’ll be able to come together, hold one other responsible, and look out for each other. I believe we have more information about this one team than the whole NBA. So it’s on us if we can’t put it together and make anything work. That isn’t on anybody else.”

Even if they’re old, Anthony has a valid argument. James and Westbrook, both past MVPs, are on the Lakers’ roster. Anthony, James, Westbrook, Davis, Howard, Rondo, and Jordan have a total of 57 All-Star appearances between them. In James, Davis, Howard, Rondo, and Ariza, LA boasts several players who have won titles.

That’s a lot of success for a single group.

With all they’ve achieved and where the majority of them are in their careers, it’s championship or bust for the Lake Show this season.

For Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, and the Lakers, it’s championship or bust.

The Lakers have a lot of talent on their roster, despite their age. James and Westbrook are two terrific passers who can also score like no one else in the game, while Davis is one of the league’s best big men. In Anthony, Ellington, Nunn, Monk, and others, those three have excellent shooters to throw it to when required. Rondo, Howard, and Jordan should all be key contributors.

However, with so much potential, their main aim is to win a championship. Anything less will be considered a failure.

On First Take, Anthony said, “I have to win (a championship); there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.” “I understand what it means; I understand the burden it puts on us as a team and as an organization. But what other kind of pressure would you like? What other kind of pressure do we need? We want to go out there, and we want to be the target…. It has to be (championship or bust). It has to be, right? That isn’t something you can mess about with.”

Whether the Lakers win the championship or not in 2021-22, it’s fair to assume their age will have a major impact on their season. For Anthony’s sake, let’s hope things goes their way.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

Even after his first workout in LA, Carmelo Anthony is still unable to get his head around the fact that he’s playing for the Lakers: ‘That Purple and Gold Isn’t Like Anything Else.’

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