After leading the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl victory over heavily favored Oakland Raiders in 2000, Kurt Warner retired from the NFL and immediately signed on to be the starting quarterback for the Arena Football League’s Arizona Rattlers

Kurt Warner is a former quarterback for the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals. Warner was a second-round pick by the Cardinals in the 1998 NFL Draft. He was named to the Pro Bowl for his performance in 2002, and was named the starter for the 2003 season. However, in the Cardinals’ first preseason game of the 2003 season, Warner was attempting a pass when he was hit hard by the opposing team’s defensive lineman. Warner suffered a torn ACL and dislocated knee. He underwent reconstructive surgery on his knee on August 1, 2003.

The 2004 National Football League MVP, Kurt Warner, is now a college football analyst at NBC’s “Football Night in America”. His football career has come to an end, but his life is just beginning. He says he was “scared to death” to retire. He’s been through major surgeries, and feels the emotional impact of being cut. He says it’s time to start his next chapter.

Kurt Warner has one of the most compelling backstories in NFL history. In only a few years, he went from undrafted athlete to Super Bowl-winning quarterback, a testimony to his hard work and competitive spirit. Warner has been out of the NFL for a long time, yet he continues to work in a variety of capacities. He’s now inspiring a new generation of young athletes to pursue their goals.

Kurt Warner’s path through the NFL

Warner decided to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL after four years at Northern Iowa University. The uphill struggle became much harder after being undrafted in the 1994 NFL Draft. He joined with the Green Bay Packers for a short time before being released. Warner soon moved on to the Arena League, where he spent three seasons with the Iowa Barnstormers before returning to the NFL. 

The NFL Europe organization was a two-headed monster. In many respects, it served as a farm system for the league, allowing players who were either not quite ready or had passed their prime to impress scouts on a big platform. In addition, the NFL believed that by extending the brand internationally, foreign viewers would fall in love with American football. As a result, it was the ideal location for Warner to expand his brand. And it was successful. 

Warner was eventually called up to the St. Louis Rams in 1998, according to Pro-Football-Reference. Within two years, he had lifted the trophy at the most important sporting event in the United States: the Super Bowl. Despite joining the NFL at the age of 27, Warner had a 12-year career packed with highs and lows. He completed his career with over 32,000 throwing yards and over 200 touchdowns, making him a Super Bowl champion and Hall of Famer. 

Warner is still engaged with the sport’s next generation of players, despite having been out of the game for 12 years. 

Warner’s retired life

Zachary Levi and Kurt Warner walk the 2021 ESPY Awards red carpet

Zachary Levi and Kurt Warner walk the 2021 ESPY Awards red carpet At the 2021 ESPY Awards, actor Zachary Levi (L) and retired NFL quarterback Kurt Warner | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

When Warner resigned from the NFL, he didn’t have to do anything. Warner reportedly made $62 million throughout his football career, according to Spotrac. Warner never stopped pushing the game that made him famous, despite having enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his life. 

Warner transitioned from the field to the broadcast booth, first as an analyst before becoming one of the NFL’s go-to radio announcers on the radio side. NFL fans who like to watch sports the old-fashioned manner have long praised Warner’s observations. Furthermore, his media appearances reveal a guy who is at ease in informal conversation.

When Warner isn’t announcing for the NFL, he’s coaching an Arizona high school team, where the next generation of talent listens to every word he says. 

What is Warner up to these days?

Warner is still living big, according to Celebrity Net Worth, with $30 million in the bank. He’s a quarterback at Brophy Preparatory Academy when he’s not traveling across the nation for his radio job. He works with a group of young players, including his son Elijah, to help them prepare for college and beyond. When Warner isn’t teaching Elijah how to throw like a pro, he’s parenting his four other children and two stepchildren, with two grandkids thrown in for good measure. 

Few individuals can match Kurt Warner’s fascinating rags-to-riches tale in the NFL. Despite his absence from the NFL for more than a decade, he is still associated with football Cinderella tales and the importance of hard effort for individuals who may not be able to follow the traditional route. Fans may see him on Monday Night Football broadcasts or on the sidelines at his alma mater in Arizona. Regardless matter where he goes from here, Warner has made it plain that he wants to remain a part of football for as long as he is permitted to do so. 

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It’s been almost two years since the 40-year-old was last spotted at an NFL practice, and today, the former NFL quarterback has officially hung up his cleats. He announced his retirement via a letter to fans, which was posted on the official website and shared via social media channels. The letter addressed Warner’s legacy and the impact he’s made on others in the league, and provided an update on his health and personal life.. Read more about kurt warner story and let us know what you think.

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