After the Wizards traded away a first-round pick and cash to get Bradley Beal in December, they have been looking for ways to trade him. They can’t afford to let Ben Simmons walk after he opted out of his contract but appear unwilling to pay what it will take for him on the open market. It would be a colossal mistake if Washington were not able to deal their franchise player before this season’s deadline

The “Bradley Beal-Ben Simmons” is a topic that has been discussed in the past. The Wizards have held onto Beal for too long, and it would be a colossal mistake to hold onto him now. Read more in detail here: bradley beal ben simmons.

Whether Ben Simmons Is Involved or Not, It Would Be a Colossal Mistake for the Wizards to Hold Onto Bradley Beal

The closer we go to the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 10, the more Bradley Beal trade speculations appear. With barely one week to go, the most major possible transaction circulating around the NBA includes a swap of Beal and Philadelphia 76ers disgruntled star Ben Simmons.

Yes, there’s a possibility it’ll happen. That may be the best-case scenario for the Wizards’ front staff.

Regardless of whether Simmons returns, the Wizards must move on from Beal before it’s too late. Keeping the great shooting guard through this year’s deadline might prove to be a huge mistake for the team.

Beal and the Wizards have been eliminated from the title chase again again.

The Washington Wizards risk making a huge mistake if they don't trade Bradley Beal.

The Washington Wizards risk making a huge mistake if they don't trade Bradley Beal. During the first half of a game against the Memphis Grizzlies, Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards reacts to a play. | Getty Images/Justin Ford

When Washington opened the season 10-3, they were the buzz of the NBA town. In the nation’s capital, everything looked to be rainbows and sunlight.

Then there was a slide, which hasn’t stopped yet. The franchise’s sunny days and rainbows have given way to dismal clouds.

As of Feb. 3, Beal and company are 24-27, putting them in 11th place in the Eastern Conference standings. Washington may be able to make it to the play-in round at best, but a championship run seems unlikely.

To make things worse, Brad himself is having a bad year. He’s averaging 23.2 points per game, which is his lowest mark since the 2017-18 season. The Florida product averaged more over 30 points per game in 2019-20 and 20-21.

During his NBA career, Beal has earned a reputation as a sharpshooter. Well, on more than five shots a game, he’s shooting 30.0 percent from three and 45.1 percent overall. That’s a career-low from deep for the 28-year-old, and it’s his lowest field-goal percentage since 2015-16.

And, really, what has Beal contributed to Washington’s pursuit of a championship? His club has reached the playoffs five times since he was picked by the Wizards in 2012, but has never advanced beyond the second round, according to RealGM.

John Wall was Washington’s finest player until 2017-18. The squad has made two postseason appearances and won three games since Beal took over as captain.

It’s reasonable to ask if Brad can be the top player on a title-contending team at this time.

Before it’s too late, Washington has to locate a Bradley Beal deal.

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To recap:

  • The Wizards are unlikely to win a title this season, and they may even miss the playoffs entirely.
  • Beal isn’t playing at all like he used to.
  • The franchise’s best player has failed to lead a club beyond the first round of the playoffs.

What’s the cherry on top? At the conclusion of the season, Beal will be an unrestricted free agency, meaning he may sign with any team he wants.

Patience has been the message from both Washington’s and Beal’s camps. Brad has said that he wants to remain (albeit his resolve has weakened in recent days), and the Wizards do not want him to go.

This has fueled speculation that Washington may be buyers before the trade deadline, looking for a player to complement their three-time All-Star. That would be a pointless and, to be honest, desperate action.

The smart move is to sell (relatively) high on Beal while the club still has the opportunity. If it comes in the shape of Simmons, that’s fantastic. However, 28 other clubs would also welcome the nine-year veteran into their squad.

What if the team chooses to play it safe and hopes that Beal accepts the longest possible extension to remain in Washington? That seems to be a nice idea.

It wouldn’t be the first occasion, though, that a player pocketed as much money as he could and then opted to leave soon after. That would lessen the Wizards’ power, given they’re now attempting to move a player on a max contract that extends through his 33rd season, and who may opt to push Washington’s hand on where he ends up.

This is not the route the company want to go. Before it’s too late, it’s time to deal with Beal.

If the Wiz’s gambit backfires and their franchise cornerstone departs, it would be yet another big setback for an already failing team.

Neither of those situations are appealing to a team that hasn’t advanced to the conference finals since 1978-79.

It would be the worst conceivable choice for Beal to leave in free agency after Washington kept him for a whole season with nothing on the line. However, signing him just to be forced to trade him isn’t a better alternative, nor is signing him only to be saddled with another five years of mediocrity.

And the squad now boasts a number of young, promising players, which gives reason for optimism.

Hopefully, the Wizards make the correct decision. Brad would bring in another or two promising young players, as well as some first-round draft selections. This would give supporters a bigger slice of that optimism.

By February 10, Washington must complete a Bradley Beal deal. It would be a huge mistake not to.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

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