Ben Simmons has been assigned to the Brooklyn Nets and is currently on a two-week conditioning stint in China. This situation seems odd, so let’s try to figure out what it could mean.

Ben Simmons was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers with the first overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. The Sixers traded him to the Brooklyn Nets on draft night, but he has yet to play for them due to a foot injury. Read more in detail here: where is ben simmons from.

Why Hasn't Ben Simmons Played for the Brooklyn Nets Yet?

In a megadeal that saw James Harden arrive in Philadelphia, a dissatisfied Ben Simmons was traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Brooklyn Nets only hours before the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 10.

The blockbuster rocked the NBA and provided the Nets with a defensive weapon to complement Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

With new teammate Joel Embiid, Harden has already showed great potential with the 76ers, although in a tiny sample size.

But why hasn’t Simmons made an appearance for the Brooklyn Nets yet?

As part of the James Harden deal, Ben Simmons joined the Brooklyn Nets.

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When the suspected Swimmons-Harden trade came to reality on deadline day, the basketball world erupted.

Last summer, the former Sixers point player departed the organization and never returned. Big Ben hasn’t appeared in an NBA game in over nine months.

In the days leading up to Feb. 10, speculations of a trade between the two teams involving their two best players increased, and the Beard swiftly and drastically tanked the last two weeks of his Nets career.

Simmons, Andre Drummond, Seth Curry, and a few choices eventually moved to Brooklyn, while Harden moved to Philadelphia, bringing both sagas to a close. (Actually, just two more to begin with.)

The Sixers’ new dynamic combination has gotten off to a fast start, while the Nets organization has been moving at a snail’s pace on numerous fronts. Ben hasn’t played since Game 7 of the Eastern Conference playoffs last season.

When will he be able to play in the NBA again?

Kevin Durant is returning to the Nets, But why hasn’t Simmons made an appearance for the Brooklyn Nets yet?

Why hasn't Ben Simmons played for the Brooklyn Nets yet despite joining the team on Feb. 10?

Why hasn't Ben Simmons played for the Brooklyn Nets yet despite joining the team on Feb. 10? The Brooklyn Nets’ Ben Simmons and Kevin Durant watch a game against the Boston Celtics. | Adam Hunger/Getty Images

On March 3, KD will play against the Eastern Conference-leading Miami Heat. He hasn’t played since suffering a damaged left MCL on Jan. 15.

Simmons was supposed to come into the Nets’ lineup before Durant, but that’s no longer the case. The former Philadelphia 76ers point guard has yet to put on a Brooklyn uniform, according to reports.

The three-time All-Defensive player, who stands at 6-foot-11, was expected to return before a March 10 game against his old squad. According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, that plan has been “scrapped,” and Simmons’ condition is now “week-to-week” rather than “day-to-day.”

Before touching the court, the former LSU standout was supposed to get back into basketball condition with the Nets. He’s out with a back issue and hasn’t participated in any five-on-five sessions yet, according to Windhorst.

“With this Simmons scenario, there’s been so much obfuscation, protection, and difficulties,” he stated. “That’s difficult to get your head around it, but I believe you can postpone March 10.”

For the time being, this team’s ceiling is unknown.

Brooklyn is barely a game over.500 at 32-31 heading into a critical meeting against the Heat. The Nets, who are now ninth in the Eastern Conference and in line for just a play-in place, will need Durant to instantly return to MVP form.

Irving might be authorized to play full-time if New York City’s mask ban is lifted, but for now, he can only play in road games.

The Nets are 4.5 games behind the sixth-seeded Boston Celtics, who they must beat to escape the play-in playoffs. They are, however, three games closer to the 11th-place Washington Wizards, which would eliminate them from the playoffs entirely.

With a healthy trio of Durant, Kyrie, and Simmons, the Nets have a championship-caliber ceiling. But everything is a mystery because of the slew of questions that surround each of those three, much alone the combination.

Big Ben’s condition is unknown, but it is evident that the Brooklyn Nets will need him if they are to make a run to the NBA Finals.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

Kevin Durant and the Nets Can Send a Message to the Heat’s Top Seed

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