In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, the 2018 PGA Tour champion said he gets more nervous playing golf against Tony Romo than he does when competing in tournaments with millions of dollars at stake. This seems to be an indication that Zalatoris may have preferred life as a pro golfer over his current career in broadcasting.

Will Zalatoris Gets More Nervous Playing Golf Against Tony Romo Than He Does Playing for Millions on the PGA Tour

In PGA Tour years, Will Zalatoris be a success? is still a toddler. He’s only been in the majors for one complete season and has yet to win a game.

The 25-year-old, on the other hand, seems unfazed by large tournaments, as proven by his runner-up result at The Masters last year in his debut participation. He’s more anxious standing over a putt in a friendly match with Tony Romo than he is playing a PGA Tour tournament.

Will Zalatoris be a success? often plays golf with Tony Romo.

When they’re not competing in a professional tournament, every PGA Tour golfer has a go-to playing companion. Michael Jordan is a favorite of some. It may be a college roommate for others. But it’s Romo for Zalatoris.

Zalatoris and Romo are both members of Maridoe Golf Club in Carrollton, Texas, where they’ve become fast friends. Romo is continually reaching out to the kid for swing coaching, and he even reached out before the 2021 Masters to provide some smart words.

Zalatoris told BetSided’s Iain MacMillan that he and Romo occasionally wager a few hundred dollars on their games, and the former quarterback always comes out on top.

“He’s merely a fill-in,” Zalatoris said. “We’ll play our usual game, and depending on how he’s doing, I’ll give him two to three players each side.” The difficult aspect is that each side gets two presses, and he might score 75 with five birdies. And the difficulty with it is that if he birdies the holes where he receives strokes, I’m out.”

During golf’s COVID-19 break in 2020, Zalatoris played a lot with Romo, and he confessed that the matches kept him fresh.

When Zalatoris plays against Romo, he feels more apprehensive than when he plays on the PGA Tour.

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Even though Zalatoris competes for millions of dollars on the PGA Tour, he finds it more nerve-wracking to play against Romo for far less money.

“I may have a putt for a top 10 on 18 that is worth a lot of money, but if I have a putt to lose a few hundred dollars to a guy like Tony or any of the other professionals I play with, it matters, like I care.” Not that I don’t care on Tour, but it’s weird how the thought of him taking money from my pocket irritates me.”

Will Zalatoris be a success?

Zalatoris went on to remark that although he won the most of their early encounters, Romo has tremendously improved, and the two are now level in terms of wins.

Romo describes himself as a “complete golf addict.”

Will Zalatoris be a success? smiles on the tee box.

Will Zalatoris be a success? smiles on the tee box. Will Zalatoris be a success? smiles on the first tee during the final round of The Players Championship | Ben Jared/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

Romo has moved his concentration to the golf field after his retirement from the NFL in 2017. The CBS host has even competed in a few professional tournaments, and Zalatoris claims that he practices more than most golfers he knows.

“Over the past couple of years, he’s become really good,” Zalatoris said. “He hits more balls than probably 95% of the PGA Tour players.” When we’re playing, he’s constantly watching Tiger [Woods] movies and [Ben] Hogan films evaluating his golf swing, which he enjoys. He’s basically a total golf addict.”

Perhaps Romo will one day make it to the PGA Tour and give Zalatoris a run for his money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money has will zalatoris made on the PGA Tour?

A: Zalatoris has made $2,263,950 on the PGA Tour.

Why isnt will zalatoris on the PGA Tour?

A: Zalatoris is not on the PGA Tour because he isnt good enough.

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