The “3-team ben simmons trade” is a trade that has been talked about in recent weeks. With the Sacramento Kings in turmoil yet again, the time for a Ben Simmons deal is nearing.

The Kings are in turmoil yet again. The latest development is that Sacramento has fired their head coach, Dave Joerger, and will be searching for his replacement soon. With the NBA Draft just around the corner on June 22nd, this could complicate things even more than usual if they don’t move quickly to hire a new coach before then.

Only a few weeks ago, there were rumours that Ben Simmons was so fed up with his contract dispute with the Philadelphia 76ers that he would gladly join the Sacramento Kings. Between Simmons and the Sixers, not much has changed. Yes, they were friendly for a time. Simmons discussed his mental health with the team, who made encouraging noises before fining him and dragged his trade value through the dirt.

Meanwhile, throughout this saga, Philadelphia president of basketball operations Daryl Morey has insisted on receiving a package of all-time greats in exchange for Simmons. Morey’s predicament is understandable. Simmons’ supermax deal, which he inherited, has four years remaining on it. You can’t just waive $147 million without putting the company in salary-cap hell.

But there may be an end in sight, thanks to the fact that things in Sacramento are, well, pretty much the same as they have been for the last 15 years.

Luke Walton’s future with the Sacramento Kings is potentially in jeopardy.

The Sacramento Kings put the brakes on any plans to acquire Ben Simmons a month ago, according to Sam Amick of The Athletic. Management wanted to evaluate what it had. Sacramento picked a defensive gem in Davion Mitchell, kept center Richaun Holmes on a team-friendly contract, and didn’t do anything groundbreaking.

That’s hardly surprising; the Kings don’t have many chances to make huge moves. Free agents are unlikely to move there, and those who have been terrible for a long time are unlikely to have trade chips.

Things got off to a good start. Sacramento was 5–4 after blowing away the Charlotte Hornets on November 5. Baby steps matter when your team hasn’t reached the playoffs or even broken.500 since 2006. The Kings then went on a four-game losing streak, and restricted-free-agent-to-be Coach Luke Walton informed Marvin Bagley that he loved the view from the bench just fine.

Sacramento ended a 1–3 road trip with a blowout defeat to the Detroit Pistons, but slipped to 6–9 with a listless effort in a loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. There are no injuries on the team. Instead, it’s just not up to par. Situation is typical.

According to the newest rumors, Walton’s position is in risk. Since his arrival in 2019, the Kings have gone 68–91, including back-to-back 31–41 seasons in his first two seasons. With the Lakers, Walton went 98–148, thus he may require the 2015–16 Golden State Warriors (and Steve Kerr’s system) before he can win consistently.

Sacramento’s stretch of postseason-free basketball now stands at 16 years, which is a new NBA record. Monte McNair, the general manager, may be ready to take harsh measures.

The Sacramento Kings would make a huge mistake if they signed Ben Simmons.

The Sacramento Kings are getting desperate enough they might go all-out to acquire unhappy 76ers star Ben Simmons.

The Sacramento Kings are getting desperate enough they might go all-out to acquire unhappy 76ers star Ben Simmons. The Sacramento Kings are desperate enough that they may go all-in to get 76ers star Ben Simmons. | Getty Images/Thearon W. Henderson

The Sacramento Kings are struggling, and no player epitomizes this more than De’Aaron Fox, the putative franchise player. In November 2020, he agreed to a maximum five-year, $163 million agreement, which started this season.

Last season, Fox averaged 25.2 points and 7.2 assists per game while shooting 47.7% overall. He’s not a great 3-point shooter; his 32.2 percent last season was close to his career high of 32.6 percent after four years.

Fox is providing far less outcomes this season, but having nearly the same playing time. He is averaging 20.3 points and 6.2 assists per game. His shooting has deteriorated from shaky to dreadful (41.8 percent overall, 24.3 percent from deep). However, his turnovers have increased somewhat, so there’s that.

The possibility of a deal for Ben Simmons becomes a life-or-death situation. Will the 76ers seek to acquire additional shooters, such as Buddy Hield, a master of the three-point shot? Or does it devolve into a trade of broken toys, a straight-up Fox-for-Simmons deal with some draft money thrown in to appease Morey?

Sacramento has a number of young players whose contracts may be traded. If Morey demands more, the Kings might throw up second-year guard Tyrese Haliburton to sweeten the deal. Alternatively, it might be Hield and either Fox or Haliburton.

The Kings are still hoping to save the season. The 76ers are looking for a fair price for their top player. It’s getting there if it’s not a remake of the legendary The Match Game.

According to reports, the 76ers have a list of 30 players they’ll take in exchange for Ben Simmons.

According to a story in The Athletic by Amick, the 76ers have a list of about 30 players on their internal roster that Morey would consider acceptable in a hypothetical deal for Ben Simmons.

Some of the suspects are well-known. Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers is on the list. James Harden, the former star of the Houston Rockets, is in the same boat. Last year, Morey pushed a Harden reunion strongly before The Beard joined the Brooklyn Nets. Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards, an Olympian and All-Star, is a target.

It’s unclear if anybody on the Sacramento Kings’ roster will make the cut. And although some of the players on Morey’s list aren’t now available, they may be in a year or two.

Remember how Morey said to a Philadelphia radio station that the Simmons scenario may take years to unfold? He seems to have a documented plan in place for just such a scenario.

In their apparently endless pursuit to participate in a playoff game, the Sacramento Kings are approaching desperation. The 76ers have devised a complex strategy to solve their Ben Simmons dilemma.

The only issue is whether those two things have anything in common.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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The “Ben Simmons to Sacramento” is a topic that has been in the news for some time now. With the Kings in turmoil yet again, it’s time to see if the Philadelphia 76ers are willing to make a deal with them. Reference: ben simmons to sac.

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