Being a good employee doesn’t always mean going above and beyond the call of duty. Sometimes it means putting aside your own needs and doing what you know you need to do to succeed at your job. You know, doing stuff that doesn’t actually require much, or any effort. Unfortunately, a lot of people are so busy doing stuff, like, all the time, that they don’t actually have time to put in the effort to do it right. Which is why this guy probably shouldn’t have been working at Burger King, because this is how he ended up doing it.

The Miami Marlins are back in the World Series!  That’s right, the Miami Marlins.  As much as I love my hometown Toronto Blue Jays, I had to root for the Marlins.  I mean, I don’t want to see the Blue Jays win the World Series, I want to see the Marlins win the World Series!  But I made it this far, and I’m thankful for that.  And now I’m ready to root for the Marlins all the way.  I’m rooting for the Marlins.

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Ted Ginn Jr. may not bring back many fond memories for Miami Dolphins fans, but the speedy receiver can certainly smile when he remembers that he outperformed almost every other player in the historic 2007 NFL Draft class. Ginn spent 14 seasons with six NFL teams before officially ending his career Friday. Sure, he made a lot of money before he retired.

By earning $40 million during his career as a professional setter, Ginn has not only ensured his long-term financial success. He also ridiculed an unlikely source from his past by trying to destroy his confidence.

Ted Ginn Jr. catches his final NFL pass

Although he did not become a true No. 1 receiver, Ginn played the role of additional threat for a long time. With a speed of 4.28, the former Buckeye came into the league as a coveted prospect that the Dolphins hoped could change their offense. Ginn didn’t understand all the nuances needed to dominate as the number one passer, and Miami abandoned him after three seasons.

However, this did not stop him from making a living as an amateur athlete in the NFL. Ginn spent three years with the San Francisco 49ers before joining the Carolina Panthers for the 2015 season. After a year with the Arizona Cardinals, he returned to Carolina and caught 98 passes in 2015-16. Ginn remained in the NFC South when he played for the New Orleans Saints from 2017-19. But after a season with the Chicago Bears in which he played six games, the 36-year-old decided to end his career.

According to ESPN, Ginn returned to Glenville High School on Friday to announce his retirement from the NFL.
Until today, I’ve dedicated my entire life to football, he said. I leave in peace… on my own terms, not under duress.

Ginn’s decision to inform the school seems incredibly ironic, given that one of his former teachers tried to destroy his confidence early on.

The former Ohio State star has achieved incredible financial success after battling doubt at a young age

New Orleans Saints teammates Drew Brees and Ted Ginn Jr. celebrate a touchdown in the third quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. | Will Vragovic/Getty Images

Long before he faced the doubts of Dolphins fans, Ginn received a harsh treatment from an unlikely source. Instead of supporting his student, the retired attacker’s teacher took the exact opposite stance. As Ginn explained to Sports Illustrated, his difficulties in the classroom caused him to hear discouraging words from someone who should have given him positive support.

I had a hard time from the beginning. I failed the first course, he said. The teachers could never accept that I learned so slowly. In sixth grade, my teacher asked me to spell a word. I told him I couldn’t say the word, but he kept insisting. So I didn’t say anything. He said to me: His life will consist of flipping burgers at Burger King.

Ginn was diagnosed with a learning disability in eighth grade and became a more successful student when he received the support he needed. With good grades, he planned to become a professional footballer. Ginn clearly didn’t let his teacher destroy his confidence and prevent him from realizing his dream of going to the NFL. His 412 receptions for 5,742 yards and 33 touchdowns won’t earn him a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but Ginn has made $40 million over the past 14 years.

Needless to say, he made fun of the professor when he said he would spend his entire life making hamburgers. And if you take a step back and look at Ginn’s career from a distance, it’s clear he deserves more credit for staying in the league as long as he did.

Ginn’s career has been longer than most of the historic NFL class of 2007.

Potential Hall of Fame members from the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft Kelvin Johnson, Joe Thomas, Patrick Willis, Darrel Revis and Joe Staley have all retired. That was a long time ago.

But Ted Ginn Jr, who has never made it to the Pro Bowl or had a 1,000-yard season, is still going strong. Fantastic. NJsn

– Nick Sass (@nicksuss) 30. April 2020

Ginn certainly hasn’t lived up to his first round expectations with the Dolphins. After all, if you pick a top 10 catcher, you expect him to perform at a high level. Ginn certainly didn’t live up to expectations in this regard, but he still managed to make a living by working with other teams.

In fact, despite his poor receiving stats, Ginn ranks high on the all-time list of games played in his service. Only Mason Crosby (224), Eric Weddle (201), Greg Olsen (199) and Zach DeOssy (199) have made more appearances than Ginn (193) since he entered the NFL in 2007. This longevity is a testament to his professionalism and commitment to keeping his body in top shape.

Should Ginn have been ranked ninth in a class with future Hall of Fame members like Adrian Peterson, Joe Thomas and Calvin Johnson?

Absolutely not.

But when you consider that JaMarcus Russell’s career as an NFL first-round pick consisted of 31 unsuccessful games, it’s clear that Ted Ginn Jr. is far from the biggest loser of the 2007 draft.

All statistics are from Pro Football Reference. All contract details are provided by Spotrac.

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